FYE & Other Fantastical Shoppings

Hello everyone, and yes I have survived midterms week here at Drexel.

Now, I must admit, even to myself, I haven’t been spending too much on clothes or accessories shopping since the term has started (although my food bills & school payments are atrocious). But for whatever reason, FYE has been making a killing off of me lately. I used to go to FYE a lot when I was still in high school, mostly to browse.

But recently, it was Aniket’s birthday so I bought him presents. I also just bought random things that made me think of him. Most of which were all thanks to the FYE. At first he got really upset because he thought I broke the bank buying crap loads of things for him (along with the cake and other frivolous things), but I sat him down and shared my joy for my economical awesomeness.

I got him 2 sets of glasses (one of the Beatles and one of our fave superhero Spiderman) since his friend & roomie moved away and took most of his awesome dishware. Believe it or not, all 4 of the glasses totaled less than $8.

Next week hit, and another FYE sale found me! Aniket was sick and kept on running out of mugs when he kept drinking tea, so I figured why not help his cause.

Another set of Beatles dishware, for we both adore the band so much! He also likes Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix very muchly, although the Hendrix mug I got him looks similar to the one above, it didn’t have the “Are You Experienced?” text 😦 Surprisingly all 4 of these items in total were less than $10!

And last, but not least, I found this “Game of Thrones” poster for 50% off the final markdown. Less than$3!!! What a steal! Usually HBO charges at least $20 for each poster apparently.

Photo stolen from Naomi who baby sat my poster while I went shadowing at the hospital 🙂 (http://fromheretoforever.wordpress.com/)

Actually, I also got something for Miss Naomi:

A Soft Kitty shirt (referencing to Big Bang Theory!)

And since the sale was buy one get one 50% off, I got myself a Power Ranger shirt that I’ve ALWAYS wanted ❤

Last but not least (and hopefully the last FYE purchase for a long while), the most amazing clock ever of Marvel superheros! I’m not a big fan of the Hulk but I love literally 3/4 of the rest of it! $5, which even shocked the cashiers!

And finally (forreals this time), just in case I’ve frightened you all with my uncontrollable need to buy presents when I’m stressed, apparently my mom has the same gift/curse/responsibility.

Look at these ADORABLE cherry shoes! I think she said she found them on sale for like 60% off at Lord & Taylor online. The brand I think is a London designer called “Poetic License.” I absolutely loooooveee them. Wish it was a little warmer to wear them!

Okay, hopefully I will not have another shopping update for a long, long time…


2 comments on “FYE & Other Fantastical Shoppings

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I have never seen stuff that cheap at a FYE *EVER*.. the ones in Philly must have better sales than the ones in NY… seriously XD

    • honestly i don’t either. every time i used to think of FYE in high school, i never bought anything because they were over-priced. in Philly no one appreciates this awesomeness so they have to put it alllll on sale XD

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