The Addams Family on Broadway!

This seems to be a fitting pre-Halloween post. A few weeks ago, my family and I went to see Brooke Shields on Broadway! Eternally beautiful and full of talent, she played the role of the voluptuous Morticia Adams.

This rendition of the Adams Family actually has Wednesday Adams all grown up, and she appears to have fallen in love with the most normal guy under the sun of NY. I was actually surprised how comedic the show was and really enjoyed the jokes and skits put on. All the actors and actresses (and understudies alike) had absolutely AMAZING voices.

Blurry shot of the cast poster 🙂

The dancing scenes were just as impeccable, but my favorite part of the show were the scenes. It is amazing how detailed and large the backgrounds were! And many parts characters were floating in midair or being pulled away by puppet animal monsters. You would think it looked corny or stupid, but it did not at all! No strings could be seen and the crazy designs of the puppets added to the humor to the show!

If I had to pick my two favorite characters, it would have definitely been Gomez Adams firstly because his stage presence is just spectacular. His voice and the way he moved made me laugh every time. The second favorite character was probably Uncle Lester because broke the audience-performer wall a lot.  Overall, definitely recommend this show!

Brooke after the show!

The actual theatre that we went to was the Lunt-Fontanne by Times Square. It’s a decently sized place, and the seats my mom got were awesome! We were like in the 4th or 5th row. The acoustics for sound were really good as well.

Like true New Yorkers trying to appreciate the city for the first time in a long time, we acted like giant tourists. Lots of pictures, eating pretzels and hotdogs from vendors and shopping. Truly a successful family city trip 🙂 Living in Philly far away from NYC makes me really appreciate the place from whence I came. I hope one day I can come back and live there again.

Tee-hee my most fave touristy pic! Me and the Spongebob off da street!


5 comments on “The Addams Family on Broadway!

  1. ooorruuu Spongebob 😉 I love the Mickey & Minnie poster!! Brooke Shields just gets better with age. It’s ridiculous.
    I just realized, I wish I’d had a blog back when I went to Broadway because it’d be so much fun to write about! (that means we should have our own trip sooneth bwahahah :3)

  2. improperintegirl says:

    Wednesday falling in love with a normal guy makes no sense!! In all of the movies she was always “friends” with some other weird outcast boy with normal parents.. but glad to hear you had an awesome time!!

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