Halloween 2011

The obligatory Halloween costume post! Wow, I’m actually catching up on these blog posts.

So, this year I wanted to do something superhero-themed for once, and since I missed Comic-con, I thought why not. My favorite Marvel hero is definitely Spiderman. He’s a super geeky guy equipped with awkward relationship skills and bullying-targeting powers. Then, BOOM science experiment gone wrong because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a miracle he didn’t turn into a supervillain (first). Swinging the rooftops of NY, Spidey is my fave.

So now I’m Spidey-girl. Inspired by this outfit:

I’ll never be quite as tall or shiny or skinny as this chick, but that’s okay

My favorite quote of the night by Ray: “Nice Spiderman costume. Where’s the rest of it?”

I do what I can XD Made from a ripped blue 80’s blazer, stretchy red button up shirt, and a hurried sharpie sketches, this costume was about $7 to make and 3.5 hours to sew. I would have made it look nicer (especially the lines and spider) and made a masquerade styled mask like Spidey’s, but I lacked time. I literally made this last minute. Between midterms, work, and everything else, I’m just glad to be standing.

Now for random pics from our story-telling, board game-playing, food-filled, drink-doused get together 🙂

Ray and John had costumes, but got soaked in the snow XD Megsy & Naomi were Little Red and a Pirate.

Arguably my favorite picture of the night.

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy your tricks & treats ;D


4 comments on “Halloween 2011

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I love all of the costumes and clothing you make!! Plus you could wear that dress as a top..
    My Joker costume consisted of a striped purple shirt and green velvet blazer I had in my closet… along with one of my dad’s ties. Would have been better if I had a vest, but oh well. Cheap home made costumes are always epic win!

    • Thanks so much! I work uber hard on them. I would totally wear the dress as a top, but I think I made it a tad bit tight/short even for a top XD I like the sound of your costume! Do you have any pics? Hope you wore it to school 🙂 I was gonna be batgirl, but opted out of buying the costume. I’m too cheap >:D! Cheap home made costumes ftw!

  2. So jelly of how creative you manage to be despite your busy academic and work schedule! I love how it turned out – definitely better the other Spidey-girl costume you posted. As always, I found myself being lazy this year. 😥 Anyway, I hope you had a great Halloween weekend! 😀

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