Drexel & the Academy: Official Affiliation Day

I can’t believe it, the day finally came! Wednesday, October 26 was the official affiliation day between Drexel University and the Academy of Natural Science, both of which I am proud to be a part of. To help out with the festivities, I didn’t go into GSK that morning and decided to go into the Academy to see if I could volunteer and help out in anyway.

Sure enough, I was put in my old stepping grounds of the Changing Exhibit Hall. I wasn’t “officially” trained in “Bugs Outside the Box” exhibit, but I quickly learned how to reign in the visitors to check out some cool bugs and made some new acquaintances 🙂 God, I totally love volunteering for the Academy.

Quick view of the exhibit: It’s basically giant sculptors of bugs based off of anatomically correct sketches the artist made while observing the bugs. It really lets you step back and realize how beautiful and unique the shape and features each bug has versus freaking out about stepping on them.

I also really like the banners and ads Drexel and the Academy have posted around Philly.

Such a happy day for science (plus, there are a ton of coop jobs I can apply for the Academy now :D)! Geeking out so hard that these two science powers are fusing to support one another ❤



2 comments on “Drexel & the Academy: Official Affiliation Day

  1. Kate says:

    Ah you’re adorable 🙂

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