Fall Term Blues

So unmotivated to do homework.

Oh ladies and gents, it has hit me: The Fall Term Blues. Sure, everyone has bad days and stressful exams, but the blues are far more long lasting.

I’ve been studying all day and night this weekend trying to make deadlines and study for my upcoming exams. I spent most of my Friday sleeping because I was so exhausted from the school/work week. Then Saturday, I spent most of it doing my Forensics assignments. Sunday has been semi-devoted to Developmental Biology. I’m such a nerd lol.

Aniket and I were going to go see a concert, then we realized we had far too many school things in the way, so we decided to stay home. I made 2- apple and pear tarts with apricot glaze while he made dinner.

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Rustic-Autumn-Fruit-Tart/detail.aspx

I’m having a hard time concentrating, so I hoped writing a random blog post would somehow help me refocus. Here’s to hoping.


3 comments on “Fall Term Blues

  1. the tarts look DEWISH. I don’t know what that second one is but it looks mouth-watering 😀
    alsooooo LOVE the Stitch picture. So appropriate 🙂

    Fall term blues so appropriate for this week. We shall forge onwards togethaaaa! ❤

  2. improperintegirl says:

    For the pictures at first I thought those tarts were curry dishes… I was disappointed to learn they were tarts, but probably because I’ve been in the mood for Indian food lately.
    And I know how you feel. I have 3 big ass papers due tuesday, worth 20%, 12% and 18% of my grade.. and so much other crap the following week.. I really want Thanksgiving T^T

    • lol. believe me, the universe would know if i ever successfully made curry by myself. i absolutely LOOOOOVEEEEEE indian food haha.

      here’s to wishing it was Thanksgiving break! g’luck with all your stuffs! 🙂

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