BzzReview: Maybelline Baby Lips & Lots of Lashes

I’m so sorry for the infrequent posts. I’m just literally swamped and haven’t made any time for anything. I hope this super review post will make up for lost time!

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon, and became a BzzAgent, like Kristina & Kirsten! Pretty simple concept: they send you free stuff and you give your opinion on it. Real consumers and real reviews. If you are interested, checked it out!:

This being my first campaign, I will try to make my very first Bzz Review as enjoyable as possible.

———-Maybelline Baby Lips———-


First up, let’s talk about this new Maybelline lip balm. The lovely people at Bzz were nice enough to send a whole set of them to try as well as share with friends. Out of the 6 available on sale in stores, I was sent 5 different flavors: Quenced, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Pink Punch, and Peach Kiss. They strongly advertise that the formula promotes lip renewal in 4 weeks and 8 hours of hydration. This review will investigate how well these lip balms perform.

Figure 1. From left to right members of the Maybelline Baby Lips line: 05 Quenced (Blue), 10 Peppermint (Green), 15 Cherry Me (Orange), 25 Pink Punch (Pink), and 30 Peach Kiss (Purple).

Analysis & Results:

Superficially, I think that the design on the tubes are adorable. They kind of look like they have block graffiti writing with bold and bright colors.

As for the actual lip balm formula, the 5 were divided happily between me and my beautiful roomies. Megs and Naomi took Cherry Me and Peach Kiss, and I asked their opinions/watched their reactions (like any good scientist would). They seemed pretty content with the lipbalms with regards to how the formula felt on their lips. I think they were superbly pleased with the delicious fruity flavors and fragrant smell. Megs also noted that she felt as though her lips felt noticeably smoother. She is quoted as saying:

“I feel so sexy when I put it on. Even though it is just lip balm, it looks like lipstick. AWWW YEEEAAA.”
—Megs, with regards to the lipbalm applicator.

As for me,  I only kept Quenched, Peppermint, and Pink Punch. I’ve tried the Peppermint for about a week now because mint is usually my favorite flavor, however, I think it’s pretty mediocre in terms of flavor and formula. I still like my Mint EOS lip balm better. I felt as though the Quenched lipbalm was significantly more moisturizing than the rest of the Baby Lips line, which was a good surprise. My favorite is the Pink Punch because the smell is too addicting.


For $3-$4 Maybelline Baby Lips is a decent buy. The design of the tubes are adorable and hip. What really makes the Baby Lips line special is the attractive flavors. The SPF 20 is a plus as well. I would definitely use it more so as a spring/summer lipbalm as they are very light feeling and not too thick. I don’t know if I agree with the “8 hours of hydration.” If you get it for the winter months, expect more than normal re-application to keep your lips moisturized.

———-Maybelline Lots of Lashes———-


I love mascara. I wake up at just about 6am everyday for either work or class (yay 8am shifts/classes!), and I sleep uber late at night to study and do homework assignments. So while my face is pretty gross and haggard, but I really don’t have time (or skill) for a full on makeup session in the morning. I have about 5 minutes or less on a crowded, moving train while standing, so I focus on 3 things (1) eyeliner (2) mascara and (3) lipstick or gloss. This review will critically evaluate how effective the new Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara performs.

Figure 1a. Above is an image of Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara packaged.

According to Maybelline’s website, this mascara is a rework of a classic and popular product that has been selling for 40 years. I remember my mother having a tube of this mascara herself when I was younger. The revamped version features an innovative “heart” shaped applicator, which promotes volume, no clumps, and no mess.

Figure 1b. Imaged above is the “old school” tube of Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline.

Analysis & Results

Again, Bzz was nice enough to send out 5 packages of the mascara so I was able to share them with my roomies and Mommy. I have heard nothing but good things (and I totally agree!).

Figure 2a. Maybelline Lots of Lashes green cap with small extension tool.

Superficially, I’m glad they kept a similar tube design to their previous version of the product. It’s kind of a trademark recognition now (sort of how certain drugs advertise and use the same colors because people associate it with that company. Ie – Tylenol being in a red&white bottle). I also like that they were thoughtful enough to have included this little green cap with an extension. Sometimes mascaras get clogged up by the neck, rendering it useless. So this green tool will be very helpful later on as dry mascara builds up in the bottle.

Figure 2b. Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara’s new heart shaped applicator.

I have used many applicators in the past ranging from the standard brush to curved brushes, and my current favorite: the ball.The straight brush is clearly classic since it’s used in almost every mascara and does the job, but I don’t think it’s the most efficient at picking up and distribute to my lashes enough of the formula for my liking. Plus, I cannot reach the corners of my eyes without poking myself in pain.

The ball applicator is amazing because when done right it really reaches every single last lash. Unfortunately, it promotes clumping and a gooey look that make my eyes look like freakish spiders. I have to spend a lot of time painstakingly brushing small sections to prevent over application and smudging.

Maybelline’s heart applicator seems to be a happy medium between the problems I have had in the past with other applicators. For me, it is an effortless application. One swipe usually does the trick. I like that you don’t have to wait for drying between layers of application.

Figure 3. Summary of my mascara applicator problems. Each brand is what I currently favor in my makeup bag per applicator type. Middle image is my eye with the Maybelline. Other two images are courtesy of Tumblr. [Click image to enlarge]

As for the formula, I absolutely love the consistency of this mascara; it’s bold enough you can see it, but not smudging everywhere to make me look like a raccoon after a few hours. Very easy to clean up. My naturally beautiful roommates rarely venture into the land of mascara, but even they too had an affinity for this Maybelline product.

Figure 4a and 4b. Before and after mascara application. (Not bad for a girl who had literally just rolled out of bed one Saturday morning to take a midterm, right? J/k I know I’m gross haha.)

Figure 5a, 5b, and 5c. Action shots! Right after work & school.

I’m kinda going for the sexy scientist look. Can you tell? Haha just kidding! I’m done being vain for now 🙂

Conclusion: A great on the go mascara with a nifty applicator. Highly recommended.


8 comments on “BzzReview: Maybelline Baby Lips & Lots of Lashes

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I love how you made this like a lab report… almost XD And my mom had the exact same mascara when I was a kid.
    and I love Meg’s quote XD

  2. ooooruuu but you areeee a sexy scientist my dear 😉

    but really, the mascara is just wonderful. That freakin tip changes everything! For the better. And I tots agree about the lip balm. The smell is more addicting than anything else. 😀

  3. Ah! I’m glad you’re part of BzzAgent now, too. 🙂 I agree with Kirsten, this whole lab report format is really working for you. 😛 And you’re definitely on point with the sexy scientist look. 😀

  4. What’s up, killer article – a very fantastic post, actually. I wish more bloggers would just stay up to date on responding to other comment posters, I really think it’s very good for the great online community. So, anyway, your blog is totally one of the few that leaves me thinking.

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