Rainbow Snowflakes & Peacocks

I’ve never been one to be super fashion forward, but I must admit at times I’d like to think I muster up some good outfits. There are times I have my trendy days, but my love for loud and obnoxious colors and patterns may never fully die. Vibrant and sometimes neon colors are still my favorite to wear and buy. Crazy & funky textiles still beckon to me, though I have have calmed down since my teenage years. And this sweater I thrifted before finals week is no exception (excuse my laptop, Chubbs, and my baby panda from Aniket named Bonsai).

A gradient of different colors of the rainbow and snowflakes running horizontally! It’s almost got the entire ROYGBIV color spectrum, but definitely not in order.

Closeup of the pattern!

Now most kids would probably detest this type of sweater, most likely received from an old yet lovable grandma, but I adore it! Call it a guilty pleasure, but it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy and happy inside. It’s not the sexiest thing in the world, but it sure does make me feel festive with Christmas-spirit! For less than $5, it was a steal!

Not everyone shares the same adoration for it though 😦 My parents literally laughed at loud. I think my brother-in-law gagged when he saw the picture. And my beloved older sister cannot keep a straight face when we have a conversation about it. To quote her, here is my sister’s Facebook comment below -__-

My photo caption:
Me & my super rainbow snowflake sweater that Christine [my sister] won’t stop judging me for! Call me dork, but I think you may be just jeally >:D

My sister’s comment: I love it [the sweater] on you! I just can’t stop laughing when I see it ♥…You look like a cute snow bunny…even if the sweater looks like Frosty the Snowman Puked up his Christmas Martinis…I kid I kid…Love you! ♥

Another colorful, cheap goodie I found this weekend with my mom was a bejeweled peacock bracer for $3 from the dollar store. It will go wonderfully with the feather H&M clip Naomi got me for Christmas (clip not available for photo right now, but you will see it eventually on me very soon >:D). MUWAHAHA.

Colorful and bright and shiny is what this piece of jewelry is! Above are two photos of the bracelet. The background is a peakcock feather print blouse my mother gave me a few months back for work. It’s one of my most favorite tops to date.

Action shot!

Though on a side note, what I feared most in the past is finally coming true. I’m starting to adopt my mother’s bold sense of style. I’m far from Manhattan city-chic right now, and thank goodness I’m not pale enough to wear racy, super red-stop-light lipstick ever, but the flower patterns, lace, heels, boots, dresses, and all things girly I once rebelled against have definitely made it’s way into my closet. While I’m still very much a kid inside (and I do love my witty teeshirts & sneakers for lab days: THREADLESS!), during shopping this past year, I’ve come to notice the change in my taste. Maybe after 9 months of business casual & living with 2 awesome female friends, this is what happens? Oh adulthood! I am turning into a real lady girl.


5 comments on “Rainbow Snowflakes & Peacocks

  1. improperintegirl says:

    the one thing i will say about that sweater is that is looks really comfortable.. and in the end, that’s all that really matters XD

  2. muhahaha. come to the dark side 😀 not only do we have good food, but we eat it in heels & cute dresses (aka week 1. the other 9 weeks = hot mess 😀 )

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