Santa Gave Me the NBA & a Dental Surgery

So, Christmas has come and gone oh so very fast. I am very blessed to have received so many great presents and love from my family & friends. I could write hundreds of posts on how much I love what I received this Christmas. More importantly, I had time to relax and catch up with the people I love. Heaven knows that all I do is work, study, and breath most days of the year.

However, there are two things that only Santa could give to me this Christmas.

  1. The NBA lock-out ended.
    The day after Thanksgiving, I saw this from the New York Post:

    Joy to the world! I will have an NBA season to watch this year! And what is better yet? We [the New York Knicks] nabbed Tyson Chandler from the previous champs, Dallas Mavericks. We haven’t had an amazing center since good ol’ Patrick Ewing, and now we have the 2nd best center in the NBA currently (right behind the Magic’s wonderful Dwight Howard of course). With Carmelo Anthony & Amare Stoudemire for the offensive and Chandler for the defensive, the Knicks look like they have a fighting chance for the Playoffs this year!

    Cutting out about 20 or so games this year, this NBA season will only have 66 games. The first round of games was today, on Christmas day. While I couldn’t watch the games properly or in their entirety because I was visiting relatives, I was able to peak in here and there at the score and watched the highlights later at night.

    Game 1: New York Knicks versus Boston Celtics
    Starting the season strong, the Knicks beat the Boston Celts by 2 points in a 106-104 game. I was really excited when I heard two of my most favorite teams to watch were playing against each other. I was sad to hear the Celtics Paul Pierce was injured, but Rondo really made up for his absence. Sadly, the Celtics looked a little less energetic playing this first game at the Garden. I was even more disappointed to see Kevin Garnett smack a Knicks player in the highlights >.< Aniket probs won’t be happy to see that. On a brighter note, Carmelo really brought holiday cheer like a true Santa to my family when he scored 37 points this game.

    Game 2: Dallas Mavericks versus Miami Heat
    It’s a re-match of last year’s NBA finals! Former champs Dallas Mavericks playing Miami Heat in the Dallas home court. Sadly, from what I saw it was a disaster for the Mavs. I couldn’t even watch the highlights. Dallas lost to Miami by 11 points 105-94, and it’s really depressing to say that I was relieved that the Mavericks caught up and lessened the Heat’s lead to only 11 points. Maybe Dallas misses Chandler?

    Game 3: Chicago Bulls versus LA Lakers
    I didn’t even watch this game at all. All I know are two very important things: 1) LA Lakers lost by 1 point; 2) my NBA crush Derrick Rose saves the day again for the Bulls ❤

  2. A (Virtually) Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    I don’t want to jix it, but I got a top wisdom tooth yanked out last week on Wednesday (just in time for the holidays!) and it was pretty painless for the most part. The dental assistant applauded me because I wanted to get the procedure done just a few days before Christmas food and cheer, and he quickly tried to tease and scare me before the extraction started. He introduced me to my “torture chamber” aka the dental chair and asked me to “sign my life away” aka sign some surgical standard waivers. Luckily, the longest part was waiting for my dental surgeon. He literally shot in some Novocaine into my palate and gums, waited 10 minutes, stuck some metal thing in my mouth, and my tooth popped out in a matter of seconds. In fact, I gave the entire dental office a laugh because it was probably the easiest extraction in the history of forever.

    As soon as they threw in the gauze, I was even talking with the surgeon and assistant about this FedEx deliver guy who threw a computer monitor over a fence!

    While I only got one tooth taken out, versus the two or all four most people do, I was surprised how not bad the after math was. My cheek wasn’t even all chipmunk after the second day. I only got a few fleeting headaches, so basic Tylenol was my painkiller. I was able to eat regular food by the third day or so. And as long as my clot doesn’t dislodge, I believe I am low risk for dry socket (SO PARANOID OF THIS). Thank you Santa for not letting me suffer!

    And here is a funny comic my dear Megan (who got all four out in one sitting! What a trooper!) showed me which reminded me of both our wisdom teeth extractions over break!


3 comments on “Santa Gave Me the NBA & a Dental Surgery

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I’m not a fan of basketball, but I heard a news story about how a single mom in FL couldn’t provide Christmas for her two kids because she worked at one of the places where the NBA played and the lockout was screwing them over -__- So I’m glad a lot of normal people have their jobs back. It’s pretty sad that those overpaid jerks had to spend so much time fighting about how much they get overpaid.

    And congrats on your wisdom tooth extraction. Mine were impacted… and I only had 3 instead of 4 like a normal person. I got my right and left halves done separately and went under both times. My teeth came out in pieces XD The second time I actually got nerve damage from my right bottom on being removed and still have numbness in my tongue, is the thing your paranoid about that sinus infection type thing? Since the doctor also warned me that that was a possibility for having top teeth removed.

    Also that comic totally applies to my normal dentists… they love having conversations with you while 5 million tools are in your mouth XD The newer dentist is particularly fond of bitching about how she got C’s in organic chem because it’s stupid XD

    • Yea, the NBA like any other tourist attraction is responsible for proving a lot of jobs. You may have heard about the big stink Lebron James made when he left the Cleveland Caveliers for the Miami Heat. One of the anger issues from the fans (other than Lebron abandoning his hometown for a bigger paycheck & fame) was that he was succumbing Cleveland to a HUGE loss of business. Many people lost their jobs because their big star was no longer playing in the Cleveland’s court and therefore couldn’t attract visitors.

      I think my other 3 wisdom teeth may be impacted (?) but they haven’t bothered me or broken out of my gums yet so I figured they can chill in my tiny jaw for now. Yikes, I’m so sorry to hear about how your extractions went :(!!!

      I find it hilarious how much disdain there is in the world for organic chemistry. It;s a nice reminder that I am not alone. XD

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