My Daddy & I

My family and I are very close, and I have no favorites between my intermediate family members. But as I am packing I come to realize I will miss my daddy very much! My sister and my mom always talk to me on the phone, so we are always in the loop with one another; however, I don’t usually have super long conversations on the phone with my dad when I’m away. But we got to hang out a lot during break 🙂

We completed random various projects that we used to team up together to do when I used to live at home. Like fixing the house fence, putting up the Christmas lights outside, figuring out the weird electrical problems in our house, ect. All my handyman abilities and electrical skills are all thanks to my dad. Whenever something broke in the house, my dad would always have his tool box and me next to him. He taught me the different screwdrivers there are, how to use a hammer, saw wood, paint walls, you name it! He also taught me how to troubleshoot problems with wires and setting up TVs and stereos.

These are the Christmas lights we put up (though my dad did most of the setting up, while I helped more taking them down).

To you it might “not a big deal,” but whenever I am able to accomplish  any type of handiwork, housework, or electrical work in the apartment at school, I always smile and think about my dad because he has trained me well!

I think my dad has been waiting for my winter break more anxiously than I have. I guess I underestimated how much he (and my mom) would miss me being away from home. My first week back, the first thing we did was go and take a Manhattan trip together. Usually for his birthday, my dad and I will roam around the city, being silly and taking pictures and visiting the sights. Last year though, I had work on his birthday so I couldn’t make it home. So we made it up by going during break!

As you can see, my father is posing in the 5th Ave NBA store, showing that the love for NBA runs deep in my family (although the Knicks having been playing like crap this season; my father shares my rage).

I think I also get (a part of) my sense of humor from my dad. We throw around jokes and puns very much the same way. As a belated joke Christmas present, my dad gave me a Kung Fu Panda doll that makes noises when you hit it. I will use it as my stress ball whenever I’m mad at school and need a laugh. He said it could give my little panda Bonsai, a father figure.

Both pandas have green eyes! What a coincidence, considering real pandas typically have brown eyes.

My dad was even nice enough to take a day trip with me to Philly to check in on things. The whole traveling part took us 5+ hours back and forth, and my daddy is getting older so he gets tired more easily these days, so I felt bad. But he was more than happy to help me feel safe and keep me company while I watered my plants and grabbed some mail.

I love my daddy, and I’m so lucky to have him and the rest of my family! So while I’m sad I’m going back to Philly tomorrow, I’m glad I got to spend quality time with my fam-fam 🙂


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