Picking Up Where I Left Off

I can’t believe it, WINTER BREAK IS OVER. It’s the longest break I have since I am still in session during summer, so it felt amazing to see my family, hang out with a few close friends, and do some old fashion relaxing.

The minute I handed in my last Ethics paper, my friends and I partied down Christmas style. And by partied I mean stuff my face food and drink and watch “Super 8” in the apartment. Did I mention it was also to celebrate John’s 22nd Birthday, and I was still super sick?


Christmas is always a fun event at because my family goes from being all fancy for Church, then bums it out when we open presents.

Among the many presents I was fortunate to receive, my sister and bro-in-law got me a Kidrobot/Swatch watch! Kidrobot is one those designer items (along with Toki Doki) that I’ve been wanted stuff from for a while, but it’s so expensive! I also got a new Harajuku laptop bag for my (5 months old) new laptop! Other present highlights were the beautiful jewelry my parents got me and *breathe* a Juicy Couture bag and Betsy Johnson jewelry set. I am still in utter shock to own something so expensive as a student.

I finally got to meet John’s puppy JJ after a year of waiting! He is truly the most adorable, energetic puppy ever ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!! I could not stop hugging him (and John of course) >:D

I failed at ice skating with Scott and Kirsten, and got to talk to Mario at Nintendo World (he asked why a “princess” like me would leave my “plumber” in Philly XD Way to be awkward in front of little kids, Mario). I also got to see this cool frozen fountain at Bryant park (why don’t they turn it off in the winter???).

Kirsten was nice enough to add to our Giant Microbes collection in the apartment and even decorated the bag with science!

As I haven’t been spamming your subscription page or e-mail, you can tell my lack of posts indicate that I have been back in classes as of Monday!

I must say, coming back to campus has felt oh so surreal. It was as if winter break never happened, like it was all a dream. It was like someone literally pressed [PLAY] on my life at school. When I came back to Philly, it was as if I picked up where I left off before break.

I ended up watching (and finishing) the same movie and had the same exact dinner on the same day of the week before I left for Winter break: in the middle of watching “Big” eating the O-Burger from Baby Blues BBQ on a Saturday night without the girls at home.

And the corner of the Sciences building, across the bookstore where I said good bye and “Merry Chrismas” to friends before the holiday break, I inevitably met again at the same said area to greet for the new year and start of the term.

Academically, the term does not seem too hard nor too easy. I don’t really feel like going into detail what I’m taking but generally I am taking another two core science classes, a lab course, a history course (about science) and Stats with a lab. I’m really excited for a few activities of mine to start.

On Tuesday next week, I will be getting trained in the Paleo lab. During my Evolution class last year, my professor said he needed some volunteers to clean up some fossils, so of course I jumped at the chance of possibility looking (and even touching) dino bones. I’m in the midst of paperwork and enrollment for that pre-med/pre-pa program at VA. I’ll be returning yet again for my workstudy at the university lab. Awaiting job interview stuff. I should by the end of next week about that.

And that’s my quick end of my first week of school update! And to end here is a song that’s been stuck in my head for a month now.


3 comments on “Picking Up Where I Left Off

  1. improperintegirl says:

    That science history course sounds pretty cool, despite your lack of detail! And I hope you have a better experience at the VA this time around… I’m jelly that you’ll get to touch dino bones.. I would secretly give them names if I was in your position.
    Hope your semester is awesome!!

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