What a Fine Day for Science

Just posting to keep my sanity and to keep me motivated to do my microbiology lab stuff. I just wanted to say one thing:

Yesterday was a fine day for science.


  1. Made my negative stain and oil immersion microscopy image of S. aurontiaca so well that my TA noticed it and told the class to stare at it (so badass that someone took a pic of it, as Naomi told me).
  2. I got to prep and clean off rock, rubble, and debris away from the fossilized rib of a one of the largest sauropods the world has ever unearthed (forreals! The fossilized bones are split into a couple of institutes because its so massive and would take so much time to prep!).

Small victories for the win.


4 comments on “What a Fine Day for Science

  1. improperintegirl says:

    If you ever get a copy of that picture of your thing you made in lab that I probably don’t understand very well I’d like to see it XD

    • I probs won’t ever get a copy of that photo because it was for someone else’s lab notebook, but basically it was a dark background with tiny cubes clustered in 4 typically. Negative stains are great for showing bacteria morphology 🙂

  2. suburbantimewaster says:

    Thank God for life’s little discoveries.

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