JewelMint: Jewelry exclusively just for you!

Quick post before I throw myself back into the world of studying!

My sister’s Cali friend introduced her to this online jewelry story called Jewel Mint.

What you do is take a survey of what is aesthetically pleasing to you from the images the site generates. Based on the design/style elements of the images you pick, the website generates a “show case” of what they think you would like to purchase. You can add and delete as you want, but the show case always adds new items every month based on what the website thinks suits your taste. Of course they don’t object if you want to order anything outside your showcase either.

The photo below is a better explanation of what JewelMint exactly is.

I took frivolous pictures of their wrapping because I really do love a good presentation, even if it has nothing to do with the item inside. It makes it look like my purchase was a freakin’ treasure or something. Overly luxurious looking, but better than throwing it haphazardly in a box, with no cushion or support.

I ordered a scarab bracelet because I have a great affinity towards ancient Egyptian styles. As a first time purchaser, they usually have a special (like 50% off your first gift), but I chose for the free random gift with first purchase option. I got a few redeemable gift cards to their sister stores (ShoeMint, StyleMint) as well as a$25 restaurant giftcard and a free Dropbox space upgrade.

I was pleasantly surprised that the bracelet was not too big for me. The quality was definitely what I expected for what I paid, so no complaints here! I will most likely not purchase for a while though because I am poor 😦

The center scarab is actually mother of pearl!

I have two major criticisms of the website, though I understand why they do it.

  1. Each item is about $30, which is definitely pricey for a college student. However, the pieces are pretty unique, and I thought it was worth it to at least try the website once.
  2. After you make your first purchase, the website will assume since you are a member that you want to buy a $30 piece every month. Therefore there is a grace period during the first 5 days of the month where you must say “no please don’t charge me $30 this month, I do not want JewelMint store credit for one item.” It’s pretty annoying, but for now I won’t delete my account because sometimes they have really good specials and the pieces make good presents for friends as well.

As you can see from my bracelet, my love for obnoxiously large & loud items never quite dies. However, there is a large range of styles on the JewelMint website from simple and geometrical pieces to very crazy and colorful things. I hope you try it out, even if you don’t plan to buy anything 😀 It can help you get inspired to find different styles of jewelry that you knew you would ever like!


4 comments on “JewelMint: Jewelry exclusively just for you!

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I heard about this place through a MyPoints offer. I didn’t seem crazy about it, since I have no idea what my style is and probably screwed up the quiz… I also didn’t like a lot of what they had… which may have been a result of screwing up the quiz.
    In the end I think I’ll always be a person who shops second hand for costume jewelry XD Best option for broke college students XD

    • I looooove shopping second hand for costume jewelry XD! There is a thrift shop near my current apartment that I frequently pass by when I do laundry.

      Yikes, I have been ignoring my MyPoints account. Other than Bzz assignments, I don’t know how to rack up more MyPoints. Any tips XD?

      • improperintegirl says:

        Click on the e-mails they send you… you’ll get like 5 points per click. And take their surveys. If you don’t qualify (me 99% of the time) you still get 10 points

  2. […] I logged onto JewelMint ,that super cool website my sister introduced me to with high quality and unique pieces of […]

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