Genetics Lecture

Wow, I haven’t been writing in quite a while. I have really nothing to update other than I think I underestimated how hectic this term was going to be. Also that I have an unnatural love for genetics problems. Punnett squares, chi squares, fly lab analysis… it’s kind of scary.I just really enjoy the satisfaction of working through complicated (sometimes unnecessarily confusing) problems which so happen to deal with inheritance.

Sometimes our prof doesn’t teach our class like a typical college class (lecture-style), but I enjoyed the creative break when she devoted Friday’s class to making REBOPS. I have no idea if these things were based on real animals, but the idea was to make a Rebop with a certain number of traits across 4 sets of autosomal chromosomes & 1 set of sex chromosome. Find a mate. The Rebops do the nasty. We use our chromosomes to simulate meiosis. A baby Rebop’s genomic set is born. We create the baby.

Naomi and I are Genetics “lab/hw” partners, so we got to share our Rebops. The dad’s name is Donny, and his daughter’s name is Dolly (named after the sheep clone). We got VERY attached to them emotionally (j/k).

Photo stolen from Naomi.

We even got to keep our science art projects. It was great! I felt like I was in grade school again! (I was one of those kids who loved science projects and fairs).

Life can be stressful, but it has it moments.


2 comments on “Genetics Lecture

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I remember doing something like that in 8th grade science except we drew them on paper… it was pretty fun but your creations look more fun XD

    • It was quite fun! A great break from statistically verifying all the inheritance problems we had to do for homework. I like solving them, but too many in a short amount of time gets to be a headache since they can be tedious and confusing.

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