Baking with Candy for Valentine’s Day

I have been really MIA lately, and I apologize. Apparently this term I have multiple “midterms” every week until the week before finals week at the end of the term. And the week of no midterms so happens to be the week every class decides to drop projects/reports/quizzes on me.

So what do I do to destress? Bake as usual. For my loves this Valentine’s day I baked with candy! Both were per request of Aniket, though my lovely Naomi & Megan were also able to devour these bites as well. The ideas for both cookies were also from the cookie cook book that John gave me for Christmas, but I found equivalent recipes online and posted the links below.

Crappy pictures, but its so difficult for me to aim a Mac at the proper angle to capture an image of cookies on a counter.

This first set of cookies are Hershey Kiss Cookies. The only difference between the link posted and the recipe I used is that my variation uses oatmeal in it. Also I experimented and used white chocolate kisses and caramel filled kisses. Here is another photo.

Link to recipe equivalent:,1710,145187-252194,00.html

These are peanut butter cup mini cookies.  Everyone liked these best. It’s a soft peanut butter cookie with a gooey mini Reeses in the center! In order to get the right results, it’s best to use a mini muffin tin, though I was able to use a regular sized muffin baking pan.

Recipe link:

And of course my parents sent me flowers & chocolates! They have been my Valentine’s since freshmen year of college, and I am so happy they never forget about me 🙂

They bloomed quite a bit when I changed their water and food today (though some flower casualties dried out, sadly).


7 comments on “Baking with Candy for Valentine’s Day

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Those cookies look awesome!! I’m glad you found some time to bake… and those flowers are so pretty!!

  2. The cookies look good. I was confused at first because I’ve only seen the kisses on top of peanut butter cookies. Though I guess you would put them on just about anything haha

    • Thanks! Everyone seemed to like the cookies when they tasted them (I hope they weren’t lying haha). It’s amazing the variety of ways there are out there (and easy to find thanks to the internet) to make just one type of cookie!

  3. DAMN. Those cookies look amazing! It was so thoughtful of your parents to get you flowers and chocolates, too. This was my first Valentine’s Day alone in a really long time, and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 🙂

    • Thanks! I love making cookies. Especially when it brings joy to the people that make my school life manageable & enjoyable! I’m really glad your first Valentine’s in a while single was good. It’s unfortunate not everyone can take it so well XD

  4. […] my love for baking, my favorite desserts are Nutella, banana, strawberry crepes and ice cream. Particularly Mint […]

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