DIY: Screen Print on Tee Shirt

One of my closest college friends, John, is a graduating film major. As a Senior, he has the option to plan, direct, and edit his very own film. While I wasn’t helping him on set as I have done in past projects, I signed up to help him with costume design. His original film idea was changed to one that takes place in a college setting where costumes weren’t really needed. However, he wanted some custom made tee-shirts that represented each character’s situation or personality. Of course I have never made tee shirt prints before, but I have been wanting to and I really wanted to help one of my dearest friends.

I used this great Threadbanger tutorial to accomplish this feat. Only difference is that I used fabric paint since I was printing light ink on dark fabrics and wanted a very contrasting effect. Also, I used old nude tights I had as the material to make the screen on the hoop. Below is a picture of my starting materials.

In a nutshell, here are the steps:

  1. Print out the image outline you desire.
  2. Pull a thin fabric over an embroidery hoop.
  3. Trace the outline onto the thin fabric.
  4. Paint Modge Podge onto the the areas you do not want the ink/paint to stain.
  5. Let the stencil dry.


  6. Place a piece of cardboard inside the tee-shirt to prevent bleeding of the ink/paint.
  7. Place stencil onto tee-shirt. Cover with ink/paint.
  8. Carefully stencil away from tee-shirt.
  9. Let image dry.
  10. Place a piece of paper onto the dried image. Iron over for about 5 minutes to set the image onto the fabric.

Here are the results I got 🙂 The first shirt is a light bulb, the second is a pink elephant, and the last is a jersey inspired hoodie. The letters for text were from pre-made stencils I bought and the number “4” was from a stencil I made from cardboard.

Hope you give it a shot. It’s super easy, fun, and cheap. Happy stenciling!


6 comments on “DIY: Screen Print on Tee Shirt

  1. improperintegirl says:

    Those shirts are awesome!! .. I was interested in silk screening a while back. I should try it if I ever get free time again XD

  2. Kathcake says:

    AWESOME! thanks for sharing!!

  3. stevenscga says:

    That is really cool! Time to make my own damn shirts haha.

  4. […] The inset picture has one of the main characters wearing one of the shirts that I had home-screen printed. If you want to learn how to make your own screen printed tees, go here!: […]

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