BzzReview: Philips Satin Perfect Epilator


The removal of unwanted hair has always been really an awkward topic of discussion, but as a biologist people who are non-biologist always assume I have expertise in other really awkward topics (childbirth, dissections, diseases like STDs) so I’m kind of used to it. The Philips Satin Perfect Epilator is an alternative to shaving and waxing at home for hair removal. BzzAgent sent me one to try and write a review on what I thought about it.

Figure 1. The Philips Satin Perfect Epilator in its unopened box packaging.

Analysis & Results:

Figure 2. Items included starting from the left top: carrying bag, charger, 3 interchangeable attachment heads, lighted tweezer, cleaning brush, epilator machine.

The actual presentation of the item was very nice. The epilator has a very sturdy body and lots of attachments for specialized functions (example – there is a head attachment specific for underarm hair and another for  removing leg hair). The design is also very cute with a handy, although flimsy carry all bag.

The package also came with a lighted-tweezer and mirror set, which I thought was dandy for eyebrow plucking. It actually is very compact and is contained in a tiny white cylinder that you can easily carry in your purse.

Figure 3. Upclose of tweezer set. Button in middle turns on a flash light. 

Here is a creepy picture of my eye to demonstrate the light power of this tiny tweezer set.

Figure 4. Action shot of light from tweezers in the dark.

Now while the package was very nice, the actual product I was lukewarm about, honestly.

1) Read the Instructions, especially Health Conditions portion

First, I must say it is very important for you to read the instructions on this epilator. Although plucking and using an epilator to remove hair by the roots makes the hair grow back less thickly and finer than when one shaves, it actually increases the chances of ingrown hairs if you do not follow the instructions. I did not read the instructions first, because I like to figure things out myself, especially gadgets, however, there are some warnings in the instructions about certain health conditions that may not make you eligible to use the epilator, such as if you have a tendency to bruise or have eczema (such as myself).

2) Epilator is 75% Effective

I tried the epilator anyway, but since I tried it on an area without eczema, I didn’t seem to have any bad reactions. Firstly, the epilator is really intimidating sounding (lots of noise, like a lawn mower), but it didn’t hurt me as much as I thought it would. I only had minimal redness in my skin, which went away quickly. If I had used the epilator after a shower while my skin was somewhat moist and my pores were more open, I’m sure there would be even less redness. The issue I have is that even after going over my skin several times, the epilator only got out 75% of the hairs in that area. Granted no one epilator probably gets 100% of the hairs, I was still a little disappointed.

3) Easy Clean Up

What I really like about this item is that it is super easy to remove each of the parts and clean them off after use. This is really important because crazy bacteria could grow and find their way into your skin via your exposed pores if you are not careful. The epilator also comes with a mini-brush.


I would honestly not use this epilator myself. I like to shower in the morning before school, so hypothetically  it would take a lot of time out of my morning routine to use and clean it (and it is so obnoxiously loud!). I’m sure with practice I would be able to make it get used to using an epilator quickly and relatively painlessly if a habit to use it after a shower, but since I have eczema and can bruise relatively easily, I think I will stick to shaving until sometime better comes my way.


5 comments on “BzzReview: Philips Satin Perfect Epilator

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I wish I got this bzzcampaign. I’d actually be interested in trying that out since I wax or use nair most of the time. Do the results last as long as waxing?

  2. I hate my genetics and body hair. ;_; I’ve pretty much tried everything within my budget, and none of them are very effective or long lasting. D; I think 75% effective is still pretty good, though. (I keep missing campaign invites because of my bus schedule) I stick to the good ol’ razor, but it’s tedious to keep shaving all the time. 😦

    • Yea body hair has been a formidable enemy since my early puberty years >.< Nair seems to have no effect on me at all, but does a great job at irritating my skin, so I usually stick with shaving (though I agree it can get tedious).

      I was able to join the campaign on a fluke, right after doing my D&D one! I'm supervised you and Kirsten weren't able to join it 😦

  3. Erin says:

    Hi Christal, you are so right. When you turn this epilator on, it sounds like a lawnmower. It can be scary to use it. The one thing about epilators is that they can’t grab hair when they are short. You have to wait for the hair to grow out a bit. I loved the illuminated tweezers too. I thought the little lipstick case was cute.

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