Calming Music [Nujabes & DJ Okawari]

So the ever hectic hunt for apartments and for an internship is really stressing me out to no end. However, I find that there are two Japanese music artists who can always help me calm down without fail. Whether it be studying, writing papers, or a time for a quick meditation in the middle of a crazy schedule, the legendary Nujabes and DJ Okawari have the beats that resound with me and what I feel.

Nujabes is a hip-hop artist and DJ from Japan. I first heard of his music in the anime “Samurai Champloo.” The story and artwork of this anime series are both very intriguing and unique, however, the soundtrack is what makes “Samurai Champloo” one of my favorite animes. Nujabes sets a modern yet peaceful undertone to a rather violent and quirky adventure of samurais in Edo era Japan.

My all time favorites by Nujabes are below. Some that have lyrics are more rap-based, though the classical instrumentals somehow work to make unified pieces. Other songs are strictly a mix  of beautiful instrumentals. Wiki calls Nujabes a mix of hip-hop, trip-hop, and jazz. It’s really a tragedy that Nujabes has already passed away due to a car crash. I don’t know if anyone will ever produce exactly the same music that he did.




Although Nujabes has a very distinct sound to his music, I know there are quite a few artists who have a similar style. One of these artists is named DJ Okawari. I do not know much about him other than that he is another Japanese DJ with styles very similar to Nujabes. Aniket is actually the one to have introduced his songs to me. I’ve had this song below called “Luv Letter” on repeat since last month. It has this great beat that keeps the song lively, yet has this beautiful piano and epic strings instrumental.

Hopefully you guys will check them out 🙂


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