My First Career Fair

For the first time while attending school here, I wasn’t paired via Drexel’s coop database/pairing system. It works pretty much like any regular job application process, however, the jobs are searched through a system of employees the school has. It is set up in 3 rounds: A, B, C. Because it is through the school, positions and companies are pretty limited and competitive, but it’s a great learning tool for how job searching works.

As I said before, I wasn’t paired for my third internship, so I decided to sign-up for my school’s career fair. It was rather overwhelming for me because of the large number of companies that were there. Also, because I was looking for 6 months full time coop, not very much was available for me. There were mostly recruiters looking for permanent hires or graduating seniors.

I also attended a career fair workshop that tried to prepare me for what to expect and what to do to stand out to employees. I’d like the share them with you all below!

Before Fair:

  1. Proof read your resume! Preferably 1 page only. Make 20 copies to hand out to companies.
  2. Look ahead at the list of companies attending the career fair if possible. Highlight the ones that are related to your industry.
  3. DO RESEARCH. Companies love students who can relate their own experience to what they do. This is about you telling companies what you can offer to them, not only why you should would to work for them.
  4. “30 Second Commercial” – Think about what you want to say to each company. First impressions are very important! They always suggest starting with your name, major, what experience you have, what job you are looking for.

During Fair:

  1. Dress business professional. Suits are preferred, but neutral pants and tops are good as well. Neat hair, nails, and appearance are important, too.
  2. Breath mints, deodorant, shower. You are going to be talking to a lot of people, so don’t offend 🙂
  3. Take notes on companies that interest you. Ask for names & business cards. Ask good questions. Take free stuff from places you interact with!
  4. Give out resumes to companies where you share mutual interest. Some places will not take your resume, but will instead direct you to their online application.
  5. Handshakes when you introduce yourself and after talking are encouraged!
  6. Try not to get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the fair itself. There are a lot of booths, but remember to look at the map and directory.
  7. Don’t get discouraged if your industry/major is not emphasized at the fair. Try to be open minded and see where you can apply your work experiences as best you can.

After Fair:

  1. Send thank you emails to those you talked with.
  2. Follow up with any promises you made (like sending more information or resume to employers you interact with).
  3. Look up online companies that you were interested in but did not have the chance to talk with.

Hope this helps a bit!


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