My New Gadget: The Apple Ipod Touch 4G

Hello everyone!

So as you may have read in an earlier post, I alluded I had received money to buy myself a present for my birthday. I was planning on buying myself an Ipod Touch after Winter Term because I wanted more music storage and to finally have my first Apple product! It also helped my cause that my older sister’s company had a discount with Apple. Lucky for me, my parents decided to foot the bill on this product instead.

I even got the back engraved for free with a few of my favorite lyrics from The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.” Sadly, it got a bit scratched up when I brought it home from the Apple Store, but I’m not too concerned. I bought a temporary cover & screen protector from Amazon to prevent more serious damages.

Besides the uber fun touch screen and ability to use Wi-fi, the two things that really sold me on this Ipod Touch is the Music Storage & Sound and Apps abilities.

1) Music Storage & Sound

I can finally load full albums onto my Ipod instead of one or two songs from each band! I loved my Samsung S3 mp3 player, but it’s tiny music storage and inability to play music file types really annoyed me at times. I felt like it was really an over glorified playlist and adding music to it was a bit tedious since the EmoDio program it uses was temperamental with me.

Overall though, I really enjoyed the Samsung S3 mp3 player because it had great sound quality, was a great transition from button device to semi-touch screen, and is pretty hardy (I’ve dropped it a few times without a case, and it still works!). Most likely will be using it for the gym/running while my Ipod will be for travels & entertainment 🙂

I was also pleasantly surprised that the Ipod Touch trumped my mp3 player’s sound quality when paired with the mighty Sennhesier earbuds. Even when hooked up to my portable speaker that I got from my friends for my birthday, the chillest beats don’t just blend in the background noise, but are vibrant and beautiful as they should be.

2) Apps

I never understood why people liked playing games on their Ipods. I always thought it was a waste of battery and storage space. I take it all back. I’m completely and utterly in love with the free apps available for download.

Draw Something is probably the final push for why I gave into my craving to buy the Ipod Touch. It is like Pictionary, but electronically! My sister, brother-in-law, and I are pretty late in the whole craze, but it has been so much fun thus far.

Lose-It is an app I downloaded after learning it from Kristina’s blog. I had also spread word to it to my roomies. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your calorie consumption and provide some education on the type of nutrition you are in-taking daily.

Pet Shop Story. Don’t judge me. It’s all Megan’s fault I’m sorta addicted. It’s like The Sims without the commitment.

I’ve only had this thing for about a week now, so hopefully I’ll learn how to be more comfortable with the touch screen and it’s tiny, fragile body. I’m excited to play around with the camera and planner next. If you have any advice on what to use the Ipod Touch for, let me know!


3 comments on “My New Gadget: The Apple Ipod Touch 4G

  1. improperintegirl says:

    My sister plays that stupid pet shop game on the iPad!!!
    I swear I am never getting one of these touch phone things… they eat too much of your soul.. though I do wish I could play drawsomething.

  2. […] My favorite band of all time is the Beatles, hands down classic. Just take a look at the back of my Ipod Touch. […]

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