Haircuts by Students from Salon Institutes

Haircuts can be pretty expensive. Especially for women. And even more so for women who are particular with their hair and desire good quality cuts and style. While I am none too picky with my hair, I really enjoying going to the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in University City part of Philly.

If you are unfamiliar with hair and cosmetology type schools, you probably don’t know that students while in school are required to work at their institute’s salons for experience before graduation. While it can be unnerving getting a haircut from a “professional” stylist, I think it’s really a good idea for the following reasons.

  1. It’s cheaper!
    First and foremost reason. I really don’t want to dish out a good $40-$60 for a decent haircut. Most nice haircut places charge way too much for my student budget. I usually go to a haircut place in Long Island, NY when I go home, however, sometimes I get impatient. At the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute,  with a college student ID I can get a wash and cut for $8 versus the $35+ they charge normally.
  2. Good quality!
    All haircut stylist start somewhere right? Even as students, the Institute’s stylist are excellent. They really arm their students with the skills they need to make modern and chic cuts. Personally, I love the way they layer my hair and suggestions they have to fit it to my face and personality. Really great service for such a good price.
  3. A chance to helping other students out!
    I think we all know how hard it is in school to get experience before graduating. The only way to get good at something is to put in a real world situation. I really love talking to students why they decided to get into their chosen career and give them my hair to practice what they have learned in the classroom. My hair grows fast anyway, and I’m not really fussy.

    Plus, most of the times I have been there, the stylists have asked me for my picture for their portfolio (needed for job interviews and resumes I assume). The two photos above were  the cuts were photographed. One time was for a short bob I got back in 2010 and another time was actually this past Saturday. Good karma all around!

So if you have a salon school nearby, go and try it out! Especially ones like Jean Madeline and Paul Mitchell. One draw back is that it takes more time than a normal cut since the student will sometimes consult their teaching supervisor on how to approach your desired cut. Otherwise, you just have to sign a waiver acknowledging that you know students will be working on you. Then, teaching supervisor will sign off when your cut is done to ensure you are happy and the student did a good job.


2 comments on “Haircuts by Students from Salon Institutes

  1. Why didn’t I know this before? D: I’m not even sure if there are any salon schools nearby me. >.<; I've been going to the same salon since I was 12, and I'm only satisfied 50% – but the $35 fee is barely worth it. I guess I've just been doing it for the convenience, since it's just a 5 minute walk away. Lately, I've just been trimming my own hair. But when I do get it cut again this summer, I'll definitely look into some salon schools. Thanks! 🙂

    • I think there are quite a few Avedas Institutes in the city if you are willing to go. There is also a small salon school somewhere near 71st continental, near the movie theatre. I think. lol.

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