Future Oscar Grabber: Worthy Films

I’m a bit behind on my blogging list!

Earlier this month, my dear friend and film major John Worth had presented his final project at his Senior Show. It was really a nerve-wracking event, especially after all the time,  patience, criticism, drama, and dedication he put into his film. After many revisions and meetings with professors as well as comments from peers, split between being either uplifting or down right hurtful, John had created “Russian Roulette.” The Worth family couldn’t be prouder!

The movie is essentially a comedy about suicide.

The inset picture has one of the main characters wearing one of the shirts that I had home-screen printed. If you want to learn how to make your own screen printed tees, go here!: https://chubbyriceball.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/diy-screen-print-on-tee-shirt/

I’ll let the film speak for itself. It’s on the shorter side. It’s on the darker side. And it’s humor is definitely not slapstick. And it IS chock full of sarcasm. It’s a simple story, but good dialogue in my opinion and a great twist. Please take a look and pass along to friends to watch.

Also, below is John’s director reel. It’s like his video resume if you will, showing clips of previous film projects and jobs he’s had in the past. So proud of him :)! Please so show some love and support to this kid; one day he’s gonna make it big!


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