AnimeNEXT 2012

Almost two weeks ago, I had the privilege and joy of going to an anime convention with close friends from New York and Philadelphia. I don’t think I have really posted here before on anime cons, but a brief description of them is a place were anime fans come together, go to panels targeted to topics based on favorite series, anime screenings to view, buy fan based items and food, listen to Asian music, —- and my favorite — dress up.

Here is this year’s con booklet!

I hadn’t been to a con in about 6 years now, last being in 2006 in Maryland for Otakon. AnimeNEXT is a much younger and smaller con, but it’s was loads of fun. It’s grown a lot from when I first saw it in 2004, so I can’t really complain.

To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical that I would really enjoy the con since it’s been some time since I attended one and my once undying love for anime withered away throughout college. However, John, Scott, Kirsten, and Megan really made this a con for me. If it wasn’t for them , I would have forgotten how much I enjoyed attending these things.While I didn’t really attend the events, hanging out with my friends and watching anime and cosplaying for a weekend was a great get away from life.

Here’s Scott & Kirsten as a great Holo & Lawrence pair from Spice and Wolf.

Ref art:

Friday, I dressed up as Mayuri Shiina (who affectionately refers to herself as Mayushii) from Steins Gate. While Mayuri is not my usual pick for a cosplay outfit criteria (and definitely a rather air-headed character), Mayuri is the childhood friend of Okarin aka Hououin Kyouma the main character mad scientist. Of course I had to match John’s Okarin. Megan decided to jump in and made it a group cosplay with her Feyris Nyan Nyan maid costume.

Reference art! From right to left: Mayuri, Feyris, Okarin.

Me as Mayuri.

Megs as Feyris Nyan Nyan.

John as Okarin.

Saturday, I dressed up as a character from Haibane Renmei per Megan’s request. In the reference art, I made Rakka’s outfit (middle/right) and Megan made Rekei’s outfit (far left).

Me as Rakka.

Megs as Rekei.

Really happy we had a “comfy time” costume. It was soooo hot!

I also came out with a lot of great souveniors! I got something for my sister and bro-in-law, but won’t post in fear they will see this pics haha. I’ll probs post later >:)

First up are two great teeshirts Megan bought for me at her favorite vendor, Modondi. They are absolutely adorable!!!!

The sumo one suits me best, I think!

Next up, I actually bought prints from Artist Alley, contrary to what I thought I was going to do. I have collected a lot of posters and wall decor over the years, but I couldn’t help myself! This was the first time I attended a big Artist Alley 🙂 I was so happy to see a Final Fantasy VI artwork with Terra Branford (top) and The World Ends with You group shot (bottom), since artwork for these games are pretty hard to find. Juri was the name of the artist herself 🙂 She not only did fan art, but some great fantasy based stuff.

I had bought Aniket a souvenir also of his favorite anime character, Luffy from One Piece. Don’t get me started on how many times I circled the Dealers Room to figure out what to get him and from what show. However, at the end of the day, he loved the shirt I got so much that he grabbed it and wore it before I could take a pic of it. It basically looks exactly like the image below, but minus those awkward black dashes/stitches. It’s a bit artsy and doesn’t scream obnoxiously “I’m an anime geek.” Great.

Here are the business cards of the places I bought from. Very happy with what I got 🙂 Please click for full size to figure out how to go to vendor websites!

And to end the entry, what better way than a display of true fan devotion. Triforce car decal? Holla!


4 comments on “AnimeNEXT 2012

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I need to write my blog about animeNEXT, maybe I’ve been avoiding it because I really wanna go to NYCC now >.<
    But you looked awesome!! And Mayuri isn't the biggest airhead I've seen in an anime. She's more typical moe-blob than anything else. If you want to see a *real* airhead watch Gurren Lagann. I won't reveal who she is, but she is by far the stupidest female I have ever seen in an anime ever. XD

    • Yea true, but still. I usually like more independent, rebellious, and chaotic characters haha. Are you definitely going as Helga from Hey Arnold? Anyone else joining your group at NYCC?

      • improperintegirl says:

        I’d really like to do Helga. Mostly because I’m pretty shitty as a model and I can easily make all of her nasty faces and stuff. When I’m Holo I *really* have to focus on how to look pretty and crap. Plus Helga’s a hilarious cosplay in itself. I think it should be pretty easy to make (except for the wig). I don’t know if anyone else is gonna cosplay as a nicktoon, but I know Peter and Felicia are going.

  2. This is a big issue and a wishy-washy one as well. Some conventions are perfectly fine with the sale of any fan art items while others limit the types of fanart you can do, or ban it all together. I’ve always been wary about selling my Anime based items anywhere but at a con, though I know a lot of people do sell them online. Companies don’t seem to have as big of an issue with costumes and cosplay merchandise, because plenty of people do cosplay commissions. As far as starting an actual business based off of licensed characters, you could have some legal issues. It sounds like such a fun idea though, so you should definitely look into it!

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