BzzReview: Unreal Candy

As a happy BzzAgent, I am able to sample many up and coming new items for free and write what I think about it. I received my coupons for a free Unreal candy bar earlier last week.

“Unjunked. Unreal.” is the slogan for this candy bar. It claims to have removed all the crappy stuff that makes junk food bad for us: artificial ingredients, hydrogenated items, corn syrups, preservatives, or GMOs (aka genetically modified).

Figure 1. The official BzzAgent image for the Unreal campaign.

I chose to try the caramel nougat bar because I felt like it was the most difficult to make “unhealthy” versus the M&Ms alternative or Reeses cup alternative. It still has some has a normal amount of candy calories (170 cals), but it has a noticeable amount less sugar than competitor candies (19 grams). Although it did have a whopping 5 grams of fiber and more cacao than a normal chocolate bar.

Figure 2. The Unreal #5 – Candy chocolate caramel nougat plus coupon.

Most importantly, I felt like you didn’t have to sacrifice price for a healthier option. It was only $1.19 as the local CVS, though I still appreciated the freebie.

The competitor candy for this Unreal #5 unjunked chocolate caramel nougat bar was a Milkyway, which I didn’t realize until I looked on the website. While I don’t personally prefer Milkyways, I really liked the Unreal 5 version of it. It smelled really tasty and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. I will definitely be using Unreal as an alternative to my candies once in a while. I’m really excited to try the other types of Unreal candy out there. If I’m gonna eat sugary foods, then might as well be healthier in other aspects when I indulge!

Figure 3. A view inside the candy bar oozing with goodness.

While this is “unjunked,’ obviously it doesn’t mean that I can eat 100 of these candies and be okay. But when I have the occasional craving, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit healthier. Also, I think the extra cocoa gave me a super caffeine boost. I was super awake in the middle of the night, more so than usual! Very unexpected side effect considering I only at 2/3 of the bar and usually have coffee in the mornings, so I’m surprised how effectively it gave me a sugar boost. Definitely will get this when I need a pick-me-up, but not a casual snack.


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