Study Playlist: Ellie Goulding

I have no idea if I have hiding under a rock (which is entirely possible) with respect to mainstream music on the radio, but I’ve been hearing all summer Ellie Goulding songs! Which makes me very happy because she has some catchy tunes and a rather interesting voice. According to Wiki, she is actually a UK artist, which may be why she hasn’t been on American radio until these past couple of months.

My favorite song by hers is actually a dubstep remix. While I’m not a giant fan of the wub-wub music, I do like it sometimes. I heard this “Starry Eyed” JakwobRemix back in 2010 when I participated in my 2nd barrio at Drexel. The guys did a modern piece with this song, and I guess after a few practices I had grown a liking to it.

Another dubstep remix that features one of her songs is by Bass Nectar. I heard the original of “Lights” last summer in 2011, but it was not upbeat enough for my taste. So remix wins my favor.

And finally, I actually heard “Biggest Mistake” on GrooveShark while studying. It’s a bit more pop than I am used to, but it’s gets stuck in my head often.

Hope you enjoy, too!


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