Study Playlist: Gramatik

I first listened to Gramatik when Aniket introduced me to the album “Street Bangerz” in April this year. I wanted to listen to some of his songs before attending a concert at the Blockley, but we decided not to go since a 76ers versus Bulls game was happening the same night.

Since then, however, I have grown a fondness for non-lyrical music and songs with samples in it thanks to Aniket, who also introduced me to Bonobo and Pretty Lights (on the same label as Gramatik). I actually like the old-school hip-hop vibe that the songs have. It makes for great study music (which is when I listen to music most).

My favorite song that I have heard so far is “Victory” from volume 3 of the album set. It’s pretty epic. I love orchestrated pieces, and I think anything with strings almost always makes a song awesome. If I am walking somewhere or at the gym, I feel like such a boss when this pops on my Ipod. I feel like it should be featured in an NBA or Nike commercial, or something.

My second favorite song is “Boom Bap Reinstated.” This one is a bit more cheery and upbeat than the previous.

The following two songs have that old-school vibe I was talking about because of their sample choices. I really love how cool they sound! The first is “I’m Doing My Thang,” and the second is called “Hit that Jive.”

Finally, the calmest song out of my choice favorites is “Smooth While Raw.” I really like the mellow guitar in the song combined with the strong beat. It’s a bit on the jazzy side as well.


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