I Will Miss Being A Full-time Research Student

DPI is The Drexel Plasma Institute. This is where I fulfilled my final coop credit hours. I have been here full time (for the most part) for 5 months since April. While I would like to write a full reflection how I felt about my time here, I think it’s a bit premature to do that now since I have been offered to extend my internship again. There are many things I will miss about this coop at a full time status. They are as follows:

  1. The other students coops. I love my coworkers. They are all brilliant engineering students (I was the only bio student there), and I loved being surrounded by their their practical and smart thinking. Also, I will miss our daily conversations and weird sense of art.  We have saved each other from dying both from a surplus of lab work and days of complete boredom. I will definitely miss seeing their shining faces during our morning musters and long lunches, but we have already set up weekly lunch-truck “meetings” to fill the void when classes roll in Fall Quarter.
  2. My managers & work environment. The people I work for and around are quite a ball of fun. This is by far one of the most resourceful labs I have ever worked out. Most of the things we use are machined in-house and customized. From the actual electrodes to holders and accessories, it is a pretty self-sufficient place. For example, we ran out of cell spreaders and my Bacteria manager used a mini blow torch to bend a glass stirring rod into the “L” shape with just his bare hands and a fume hood. I was amazed!
  3. Creative freedom. Sometimes it was stressful, but I really liked having my creative freedom when designing experiments. It made me feel like a real scientist to have to think of what controls I was using, how to set up variables, what supplies I would need ahead of time, ect. More on this later.

Meanwhile, look how perfect that glass cell spreader is! Ahhh the little lab things that make me happy 🙂


3 comments on “I Will Miss Being A Full-time Research Student

  1. improperintegirl says:

    I know that feel, last semester when I was student teaching and not taking any math… it felt so weird, now it’s weird adjusting back to student life. Anyway, good luck with everything 😀

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