Does a Bias Still Exist For Women In Science?

A quick blog entry before I run off to classes (tee-hee first week of Senior year!).

According to this NYTimes article, a new study conducted by Yale University showed evidence that professors thought that from their undergraduate class, females were less competent than males. This resulted women not being offered as many mentor opportunities or equal salary pay as their male counterparts. The article goes into detail of what data they were able to compile and how.

As a woman bio student graduating in a few months, this really concerns me when I go for the job hunt. More importantly, I’m really disappointed and surprised that this bias is still here in the year 2012. Especially because there is a larger percentage of females in my biology classes versus males. It’s something to chew on and think about. Any comments?

And now a picture in honor of some of the great women in science.


3 comments on “Does a Bias Still Exist For Women In Science?

  1. the product of primes says:

    I didn’t read the article, but I think that problem applies more in sciences where women aren’t strongly represented like physics and engineering as opposed to things like bio where the ratio is about 50/50.

    But it’s also a bias that exists in general, I think the solution is single gender high schools followed up with co-ed college… but that’s just me. I have a lengthy explanation behind it. Maybe we can talk about it sometime.

    • Interestingly enough, the article says that it even includes bio where there were more females than males. I have noticed a lot of women entering engineering in the biomedical and chemical aspect, but that might just be because I go to Drexel and we are super hardcore with engineering. I would definitely like to listen to your high school and college gender theory sometime 🙂

      • the product of primes says:

        Well those are the two engineering fields with a fair amount of women in them. When I was at poly, those classes were 50/50. MechE’s and CivilEs were next they had like 20-30%, with like no women in EE or CompE or Physics.

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