How to Troubleshoot Growing Out Bangs

As much as I love my blunt, straight across bangs, they are totally getting out of hand!

I’ve decided not to re-cut them into shape for now for a change of pace. While I’m no hair expert or even a person who takes the time to style their hair in the morning, I’m currently researching how to tackle this awkward hair stage. It’s difficult to go through everyday life tasks, like while exercising, conducting experiments, or even typing on the computer, when chunks of hair fall in line of vision!

Here are a few solutions I have thought up of:

  1. The most obvious solution is to implement a side bang by putting a part in your hair slightly off center.

  2. You can use a flat iron to set it in place, which is shown in the following ASecretLifeofaBioNerd video (starts at 0:59), though I like to just repeatedly comb my hair until it listens to me.

    Of course, if your bangs are not as long as mine are now, you could always use a bobby pins or a clip for a very neat look.

  3. Another option would be to make a braid across your head, incorporating your bangs as you go.

    Here is a great tutorial that shows you how to do that.

    I have very thick hair, so I am also able to just twist my bangs and pin it to the side for a similar effect. I put a rose pin to tuck in any loose ends.

  4. Headband! Not only a godsend in the gym. I like to either put a part in my hair, pin unruly bangs to the side, hide it with the headband. Or I also like to brush out the part and place the headband on top.

    You can tease the bangs to puff out a bit if you like. I tried to do it, but failed.

More Ref Links:

Here are more ideas I didn’t think up of that I have yet to practice!

  1. Two Looks: Hair twisted around headband and a hippie braid!
  2. A braid that starts at the bangs and falls to the side of the head
  3. 15 great ways to pin back your hair, including a French braid down the middle and a pompadour
  4. Another video from ASecretLifeofaBioNerd. A rather cute and surprisingly simple solution.

3 comments on “How to Troubleshoot Growing Out Bangs

  1. the product of primes says:

    I remember when I was small my mom kept clipping my bangs back when I was growing them out… I want bangs again but it’ll ruin some features of my hair that are kinda weird to explain XD

    • Better than my mom, who just threw my bangs up in this awkward sumo bun at the front of my head. Can you give one example of a feature of your hair that would be ruined if you got bangs XD?

      • the product of primes says:

        Since I tie my hair back in the summer, that gets more sunlight exposure and parts of it are a dark blonde. So I have these awesome blonde streaks in front, if I give myself bangs, those will go away and the top of the bangs will look waaaaay darker than the rest of my hair. I’d have to get the bangs California and stay outside for a week or two to fix the color XD

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