Start of Senior Year & Fogo de Chao

I like to procrastinate. Every time I come back from coop, I always think I will come back to school with new found rigor for a strict study regime. Alas, it is not so. I like my breaks too much.

So, I’m in my Senior year, and let me tell you, the weeks are rolling by quite quickly.

My classes are going pretty smoothly, considering I’m taking a super light term (finally after 4 years of non-stop, packed classes). Jazz Technique I is by far the hardest class I have ever taken. I knew I was rhythmically challenged, but wow. I’m having fun, however, with the degree of challenge and movement. Other than that, I am taking Psych 101 with a bunch of freshmen for one of my electives, Principles of Toxicology I online for another elective, and Bio of Neuron Structure & Function for funsies. There is also a Senior bio project due before graduation, but considering I just met my other group members and haven’t really started research on anything, not much to report there. I’m excited that we have the chance to create a novel paper in our field (hypothetical paper, of course. It won’t be published, but should model how published papers are).

I’m still hobbling back and forth between Philly and Camden to work at the Plasma lab as a work study. Sadly, my time sheets are still not working, so I can barely afford to pay for the transportation haha. Good thing we have shuttles running to main at the end of the day. My experiments for a research poster I’m working on with my lab partner from UMaryland are at a bit of a standstill until I find the right power equipment and supplies. In the meantime, I’m looking up aquarium stuff…more on that later.

As for post-graduation plans, the ball has already been set in motion! I’ve attended the Fall career fair. I think I had a really positive turn out this time around as compared to when I went in the Spring fair looking for internships. Full-time seeking companies are much more receptive, surprisingly. I got a phone interview some time this month with one company, which I’m really excited about. I wonder where that will take me. Of course, I’m also still reaching out to previous employers and such.

My roomies are in their own stressful times. One is done with her break after her  bachelors graduation and in  a path to medical school program until May. The other is done with her bachelors, too, and is taking the GREs in the upcoming weeks during her mini-break and working part time. It’s weird because the three of us are no longer all worried about just classes and jobs. It’s now stuff that is gearing us up for the real world, and it’s kinda scary. At least good company helps dissipate difficult times.

So how has my term been going so far besides that? Well I got a lovely visit from John and his Egan 2 weeks ago. I’ve really missed John since he’s gone and graduated away from Philly, so it was good to see him again.

Also, Aniket’s 23rd birthday passed! I never have the heart to post the cards I make for him, but rest assured my creative prowess really hit the jackpot this year with a Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls theme. Although, I think what made him happiest was dinner.

(image from

Since it was Restaurant Week here in Philly, all fancy food places reduced lunches to $20 per person and dinners to $35 per person. Fogo de Chao is an all you can eat Brazilian steak house. It’s usually about $52 per head for dinner, so we decided to into Center City during Restaurant Week to try it out. I’ve been wanting to go since Freshman year, but I had no occasion or a person interested to go with until now.

(image from

Fogo de Chao is definitely a top quality eating establishment. There is a “salad bar” also all you can eat with a great selection of veggies, cheeses, and breads. I was so happy they had artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and prosciutto! The meal also comes with cheese biscuits, plantains, and cheesy mash potatoes on the side that are delivered straight form the kitchen to the table.

More importantly, the main dish meats were AMAZING. Truly some of the best meat I have ever eaten. While the chicken and pork pieces were good, all the steaks were perfection. Here are some of the types of food they had, such as bacon wrapped filet mignon and Parmesan crusted pork.

(image from

The way the restaurant works is that you get a card. One side is green, which means that you want to be approached by a chef. Each chef carries a different cut of meat on a skewer that has either medium rare, medium, or well done. The chef will ask if you want a piece, and will slice it to your serving plate.

(image from

You can continue this process for as long as your card is green. When you are satisfied and do not want any more meat deliver  simply turn your card to the red side. This will alert the chefs not to approach you. Of course you are still hungry, feel free to flip over to the green again.

(photo from

And if that’s not enough, you also have a choice of dessert! Since it was Aniket’s birthday, I asked if they could write something on his plate. All in all, for $35 per person, this entire feast was a steal. If you have a Restaurant or discount for Fogo de Chao, definitely go for it! Though, as a college student, this is the last time I will be going for a long while.

Btw, I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos of the food myself. I was so overwhelmed by everything! But here is a photo of Aniket at least. You might not be able to tell, but he’s full and happy.

Actually, lucky for him, I also made his birthday Oreo Toblerone Caramel Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake again this year.

All in all, I hope it’s a good start to this school year.


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