Correlation between Zombie Infection & Pollution Exposure

So for my Toxicology I class, I need to read this book called “Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Dangers of Everyday Things” by Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie. As you may be able to tell, the purpose of the book is to make the audience more aware of the soup of toxins that we are “marinating” in everyday.

Ala “Super-Size Me” documentary style, the 2 authors subject themselves to exposure to 7 toxins to see how it effects their body chemistry, including levels of the toxin in their blood and urine.The toxins are found in trace amounts in everyday consumer products and the exposure tests must mimic everyday life exposure. The one toxin I am interested in reading is triclosan, a hormone disrupter found in many antibacterial products. My last coop tasks were experiments had a lot to do with finding an alternative hand sanitizing methods.

I’ve just started the book, and it’s rather interesting. One of the more disturbing points discusses the evolution of pollution (direct quote from the book):

  1. It’s now global rather than local
  2. It’s moved from being highly visble to being invisible
  3. In many cases its effects are now chronic and long-term rather than acute and immediate.”

One idea in the first chapter really caught my eye though, that no matter where you live or who you are…


And here’s a “Walking Dead” spoiler for those of you who have not finished Season 1…

EVERYONE IS INFECTED [by whatever causes zombie-ness].

(“Walking Dead” zombie image from

Happy Halloween :D!!!


4 comments on “Correlation between Zombie Infection & Pollution Exposure

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