Halloween Costume: T.A. Kirby-Bauer aka Scientist Kirby

My Halloween Project for this year! I didn’t feel like dressing up or sewing a costume, so I made my Kirby all festive! He’s a scientist like me (in the future lol) 🙂 This idea was inspired and made in honor of my super awesome TA in micro lab, and working with bacteria all summer on my last coop.

Some details:

Here are the things I made.

  1. Lab coat, gloves & goggles: The lab coat is complete with buttons on the shiny side and a collar! I wanted to put pockets in (and those safety slits on the side), but got too lazy. Still PPE length approved though! Sewn from white extra fabric left over from a cosplay. The gloves were cut form cleaning gloves (we had only 1 of a pair left over lol) hot-glued and pinned onto Kirby’s arm/hand. The goggles are actually mine/Naomi’s from lab (tee-hee my micro lab partner!)
  2. Study Cards: All these microorganism identification cards using video game references were my TA’s idea. I wrote them down in class one day in my notebook and it was the main inspiration to complete this project. I love mini things!

  3. Name Tag: Nothing special. Just a piece of tape and paper. However, the name is important! I named Kirby “T.A. Kirby-Bauer.” This is in reference to the Kirby-Bauer method, which uses Muller Hinton II agar to diffuse bacteria lawns into a very thin layer.

  4. Bow tie: A suggestion from Megan! I used my remaining fabric from the dress I had sewn for the Academy of Natural Sciences Gala a year ago. It reminds me of one of my med school friends who always wears bow ties to formal events, like Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  5. Petri Dish: The actually petri dish is actually real haha. Although I got it from my lab now, I worked with this sized dish primarily when testing water at PWD at my first coop. As you would guess (from name tag explanation in Step 4), this is a petri dish is filled with Muller Hinton II agar on it (rendered by a circle index card glued to the bottom of the dish and colored yellow/beige). A hole punched index card piece was glued to the center and represents an antibiotic dish of tetracyclin (which FYI affects both Gram negative (G -) and Gram positive (G +) bacteria) that we used in a lab session. The “lawn” of bacteria is red because I wanted it to be Serratia marcescens (G -). It is susceptible to the antibiotics, so a zone of inhibition is observed by the uncolored gap around the disc.

    I even labeled on agar side! Though I messed up the order. Name of microorganism, test date, initials, agar type, incubation time.

  6. Cell Spreader: I was originally not going to make this, but I saw some toothpicks, colored it with a marker, and forged it with some hot glue. Also, with all the damn hell the cell spreaders gave me on my last coop, why not. Look at the petri dish pics for the blue thing. One of my favorite pieces.

All together now!

I know, I’m still recovering from the nerdy overload, too. This is what I did instead of continuing my Neuro readings. However, I had to get all this creative energy out somehow 😦 I’m really happy with the outcome.

HAPPY (belated) HALLOWEEN!!!


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