Perks (and Non-perks) Of Being An Apple Shaped Girl

Note: I’ve been meaning to write this entry for a while, but it was very difficult because it shows me poking at areas of my body that I’m painfully self-conscious about. Try to be nice in your comments if you have any. Also, many of the information here are generalizations about apple-shaped females, however, remember that everyone’s body is different and unique and wonderful! 😉

If you are unfamiliar with the traditional classes of body type shapes, “apple” or “inverted triangle” is one of them. There are probably many more types out there now than just apple, pear, banana, and hourglass, but since I relate most to apple I will write what I learned about it.

Typical apple-shaped people tend to store fat in their mid-section and usually have long and thin legs and arms.

My apple-shaped body does tend to be chunkier in my tummy area, but I also don’t have very slender looking limbs. While thinner looking may be the better way to look, I like to optimistically think that having a chunky torso with matching chunky arms and legs makes me look more balanced 😛

How do you know if you are an apple shape?

Look in the mirror and check out where most of your fat hangs out. If it’s by your tummy mostly versus your thighs and hips, you are probably an apple!

Not an accurate enough method for you? Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement. If it is greater than 0.8, you are an apple!

Here are my Personal Perks of Being Apple Shaped:

  1. I’m pretty modest when it comes to my body because I’m pretty self-conscious, but if there is anything I should be thankful for, it is my voluptuous topside. That’s right, I went there.
  2. Fantastically shaped legs! While my own apple legs are not long and very thin like the typical apple shaped lady, I must admit that I do like the way my legs (or at least my thighs lol) look in skinny jeans, shorts, and skirts.
  3. This again is more specific to my very own body, but I love how I am thick and heavy my frame is. While it frustrates me when I feel overweight, it makes me feel very strong and built when I am on top of my exercise and muscle training routine.

Where there are ups, there are downs….

Personal Cons of being Apple Shaped

  1. Number one issue is health. This body type is associated with being higher risk for the major baddies of our generation’s health issues: heart disease, diabetes, and hyper tension (high blood pressure). It does not help if you are also genetically dispositioned for these diseases, like myself
  2. The epic battle that people have no matter what body type: difficulty trying to look lean and long. However, trying to make your torso less stumpy can be difficult since fat distributes preferentially near the heart and stomach area in apples.
  3. When losing weight, the last place I lose inches is at my waist, while the first place to gain inches when getting chubbier for the winter is my waist!
  4. Not going to lie, wish I had a more prominent hip and butt region. Oh hourglass girls, I vie for your shape!

My very own infographic to sum up what I said…

How to be a Happy Apple

  1. Cardio! I love my kickboxing. But I am also trying to get some extra walking, elliptical, and even jazz dance this term in my routine since kickboxing is high impact and not always available. 30 minutes of cardio a day will keep the doctor and excess fat from the upper side away!
  2. Core exercises. I hate them, I won’t lie. However, when I’m good about my core routine, I feel more toned, stronger, and surprisingly flexible.
  3. Know how to dress yourself.  Top-half heavy? Here are some fast tips to make sure you are flattering your shape:
    • Wear v-neck shirts, but AVOID very low cut shirts (less is more).
    • Try avoiding stretchy/jersey tops and over-sized tops as they can be unflattering to your midsection. Instead try flowy tops and structured blouses that can complement apple broad shoulders.
    • Go for stretchy, dark washed jeans so you get the stretch at the waist while avoiding a baggy fit at the rest of your legs!
    • If you are feeling self-conscious about your shoulders or arms but like tank tops, try wearing thicker straps. It gives a more balanced illusion.
  4. Have apple shaped celebrity crushes! When you are down and out and wish your body was shaped differently, look to fabulous celeb crushes for exercise and healthy eating inspiration :D!

Here are two of my favorite classy celebrity apples: Catherine Zeta Jones & Kate Winslet.

Now go and embrace your inner goddess, no matter what shape you are 🙂



31 comments on “Perks (and Non-perks) Of Being An Apple Shaped Girl

  1. OMG. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS. I have the same body shape, and have struggled with it my entire life. T.T It was only after losing almost 50 pounds and realizing that my proportions were still the same that I began to accept it. You provided some really useful tips on how to dress for our shape, though. It took me years to figure it out. >.<; Unfortunately, all of my favorite clothing styles are the exact kinds that don't flatter me. XD I know there's no spot-treatment in regards to exercising our way into a smaller waistline, but do you have any advice for what kind of workouts would at least define/tone that area faster than the rest of the body?

    • haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! It’s so hard to embrace our true fruit shape 😦 And I agree,most clothes are styled for tall, hour glassed, tiny waist women so there are things out there I want to wear but look awful on me because I’m short and top heavy (case and point, sweater dresses or patterned tights).

      I’m no exercise expert, but here’s the fastest way I’ve found to lose weight & tone. Ready for a long-winded explanation?

      In sort, non-contact cardio kickboxing. I’ve been able to drop 10-12lbs easy without major caloric restrictions (usually max is 1400-1600 daily intake) by just going once a week for a 1 hour session for 10-15 weeks straight (basically over the spring before mid-summer). You sweat like crazy and when you first start you are seriously sore 3-4 days after because your muscles are ripping, healing, and growing. However, its totally worth the 700-800 calorie burn.Typically a class is 45 minutes of cardio for overall fat burn. Then, about 10 minutes devoted to muscle building. Then 5 minutes of stretching. You end up with very toned arms & legs at the very least. If your instructor likes to target abs you will get toner tummy for sure, but at the very least you will be trimmer and leaner. I’ve heard spinning is good too, but I tried it once and almost died.

      Now, if kickboxing is too intense (it’s really high impact jumping which is why I took a break. My cartilage in my knees are crying D:), too expensive, or not available, consider options that both offer 1) cardio and 2) muscle building. Try to do cardio at least three times a week (elliptical or running or the bike, I prefer the first because its easy on the knees and works up a good sweat) for 45 minutes. Also, key is to include muscle training with one day breaks in between. I’m not very good with explaining muscle training, but all I know is that you should exercise both opposing muscles (ie- tricep and bicep) and you need a break of one day to let the muscles heal. Building some lean muscle is great because it will actually burn fat for you even when you are not working them out lol.

      The plus side to this approach is that you are more likely to keep up with routine and crash quit since it’s not a class it will be more flex with your schedule. Also it’s more customizable for what you want to target.

      This plus side to kickboxing class is that the instructor tells you what to do lol. And you can tone down the intensity of the moves based on listening to your body if you overexert yourself. Also, kickboxing is just such a great overall work out, I can’t even explain. And my large appetite is compensated by the amount I sweat. On a side note, I prefer to build muscle in the leg area (really the thighs) because let’s say you are bad like me and stop going to the gym for a few months (tee-hee) muscle in the legs takes longer to turn back to fat versus the stomach or arms. It’s also not as bulky.

      Unfortunately, my weight still fluctuates too much between summer and winter, so I haven’t found the golden work out routine yet for an apple. If I find out anything else that is better, you will be the first to know. haha. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Also, completely random, but I totally thought you were an hourglass shape :O

      • Hourglass? No way! I wish. XD My measurements are something like 36-28-34. D; I’ll have to see if they offer cardio kickboxing classes near me. Before it suddenly got cold out, I went jogging 2-3 times a week. And back in school, I ran around campus pretty regularly. I’ve been trying to look for something suitable to do indoors since I don’t have a gym membership or a treadmill at home.

        My friend in the military told me the same thing about taking a one-day break in between muscle training – which I have zero experience in. People have said that resistance bands can be more effective at helping you tone the arms/shoulders/back than dumbells, so I may look into that. As for my waist, I sometimes feel hopeless that there’s anything I could do about it. ;_;

      • At least you can run XD Well a good start might be yoga? For at least stretching your muscles. Or if you are really intense you can try to do insanity (no equipment) or p90X (with equipment like resistance bands) if you can find someone to burn it from lol.

  2. the product of primes says:

    I can’t see the resemblances to fruit at all… for any of the shapes (probably my stronger left brain). And I have no idea what my shape is… all I know is I have a hard time finding dresses… normally they fit my ass perfectly but have too much room in the bust area… would that make me a pear? I didn’t get happy with my small chest until I realized I could pull off a much better Holo cosplay then all these girls with C and D cups…. but there’s still the problem of normal clothes :/ Oh, and finding bras with no underwire because I do not need it at all and find it painful 😦

    • Lol. I just figured that people like food enough to compare them anything to food. The other terminology for body shapes is “triange,” “inverted triangle,” “cone,” ect.

      I would probably say you are a pear shape or hourglass shape depending on your measurements. And yes, I agree you make an awesome (and accurate) Holo 😀

      I feel like everyone has a problem finding clothes because there is no true cookie cutter shape, but stores have to mass produce somehow haha.

      Underwire bras are a necessary evil for me. I remember GAP body used to sell bras with no underwire, but they are hard to come by now 😦

  3. Scott Pool says:

    What’s up Christal :D. I’m bad with following blogs but decided to look around at some friends’ again. Just wanted to say that no matter what shape a person is, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t show through clothes, because when it gets to the point when you’re with someone you love you’d be surprised how much a different viewing angle can change things ;).

    Although I guess that may have been obvious and wasn’t the point of the post, but you give good advice! If only I could do something about my height x_x, Charlie is taller than me last I saw him a few years ago! It would certainly make cosplay easier, although hidden elevator shoes work pretty nicely.

    • Haha Scott! Good to hear from you 🙂 Always a genuine, romantic point of view on things. I wish I was a bit taller too! But it’s alright. Gotta work with what you have and appreciate it 🙂

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  5. […] my actual name is Christal. The username reflects the original intent of my blog: to track my weight loss & exercise journey and struggles […]

  6. […] If I owned a bustle skirt, it would make my narrow hips look fuller and my thick waist appear more slender – even if just for costuming purposes. I’ve always yearned for an hourglass figure, but genetics have proven it impossible for me. Regardless of how much I work out or diet, the rest of me shrinks while my middle stays the same. ;_; (If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend my fellow blogger Christal’s post about apple-shaped bodies.) […]

  7. I can’t help but keep linking my blog posts to this one. I hope you don’t mind! >.<;

  8. Nina says:

    According to measurements I would be a pear, but looking in the mirror, with or without clothes, would suggest apple. Or I could just suffer from upper abdominal bloating… well that’s what I’ve liked to tell myself but since people generally don’t stay bloated for years on end, and I am genetically predisposed to have an apple body, that’s probably what it really is.

    My biggest hangup is the lack of waist definition and no child bearing hips. 😦
    I’ve been thinking of tight lacing, but I’m afraid my uterus will fall out like in the good ol’ days of tight lacing corsets. And at the same time the feminist in me is screaming “gurl you crazy!” at the mere thought of putting myself through hell just to look a socially acceptable way.

    Well, the bottomline is that you are super lovely anyway. Rock on, girl! And thank you very much for the personal flair for this article.

    • Christal says:

      Hey Nina! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

      Sometimes it can be very difficult to not want to fit into the “widely accepted norms” of beauty, but its always important to flaunt what you got, even if there are some spots that are not perfect. I’ve seen some videos of people tight lacing, and I suppose it works, but I feel like it can get so carried away so quickly! Not to mention your organs and ribs will hate you for life lol.

      I’m really glad you appreciated the blog post, and thanks so much for the compliment!

  9. My measurements are 34H-32-38 and I am 5’3. Unfortunately I have mild chronic fatigue and the only exercise I can really just about manage on top of running a household and looking after a baby is walking so cardio and kickboxing is kind of a no go for me 😦

    I swear by dresses and leggings. I do not own 1 pair of jeans or trousers. Being short and having super slim legs I can get away with micro mini dresses and short tunics. H&M sell my favourite clothes, personally. I know so many people say to wear V necks but I really dislike them.

    • Christal says:

      Dresses and leggings does sound like a winning combo! H&M has a lot of simple yet really elegant pieces.

      If cardio is a no go for you, maybe try some Yoga to strengthen and build muscles? Muscles help burn fat even when not exercising! Plus meditation may help energize you a little bit. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment!

  10. Anny says:

    My size is 36,32,36 which size jeans should i wear to be comfartable

    • Christal says:

      Hey there Anny,

      A good pair of jeans are super tough to find. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can rightfully guess your jeans size just based on your measurements.

      I myself range in size from a size 7-9 or 28-30 depending on what brand, store, or style. Typically I just go to places like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe and grab a jegging (jean legging) skinny jean fit because that’s what I currently enjoy wearing.

      Since you have a very lovely hourglass shape, I would suggest looking for a stretch denim so it’s fitted at the waist while still giving some room for your hip area. Also, please keep in mind the cut of the jeans. Here is a general jeans guide that explains the differences for some jean cuts.

      This may not help you with online shopping, but I think the best way to look for jeans is to try on jeans in store and be patient with yourself! Good luck!

  11. Molz says:

    I am apple shaped, my waist to hip ratio was 0.7 but i wear a 34f bra and size 10/8 trousers (uk sizes) (34inch hips 33″ stomach 24/25″ waist) my upper arms are chunky wereas my wrists and lower arms are quite slim. My sholder are slightly broad… My legs are thin but un muscular (basically only fat) and measure 18inches. Thank you for sharing this i want to start actually moving from the sofa so i’m going to try to do some of your exercizes.

    • Christal says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Molz! It seems to me you have a lovely apple shape 🙂 Good luck trying to do some exercises. If you don’t want to go to the gym or would like an economical exercise you can do at home, try looking up Blogilates on Youtube for free routines!

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  13. Lorraine G says:

    Honestly, whilst i like the positive tone of your post, i don’t think there’s much good to be said about the apple shape. What’s so great about having a huge stomach, big boobs, a flat butt, and skinny thighs? I’d far prefer to be a pear. Also, ALL plus-size clothing is made to fit pears, not apples. I guess the only answer is to try to be a skinny apple.

    • Christal says:

      Hi Lorraine!

      Thanks for your comment. I respect your opinion and am happy you have shared it. I think the answer is to be a healthy and confident apple. Gotta make do with what you got! 🙂

      As for plus-sized clothing, I never thought about how they make the proportions work. Thanks for the insight.

  14. GmbH says:

    Kate winslet is not apple shaped, she is pear shaped, pretty much the complete opposite.

  15. Appletising says:

    As an apple, I have discovered one thing that works wonders. Squats. You can build a great butt and since we are already blessed from above with boobs and most of us have scored reasonable legs as well, with a bit of work, we’re doing ok. No-one will be looking too closely at anything else when we have those three boxes ticked; the halo effect is strong, my apple friends. Not only that, because we have a strong (read: chunky) midsection, we tend to be able to handle some fairly decent weights in our training. Leave the body weight squats to the wimpy bananas of the world – we can handle it. After a couple of years of semi-committed weight training my butt is now competing with my boobs for my husband’s attention… and from a naturally flat butted apple, that’s pretty good.

  16. Nordlys says:

    When I was fat i was an apple shaped woman, but now my body doesn’t resembe an apple. I have thin shoulders and a little weight on my belly, but my waist is slighty more definite than that. I have big breast, i hate it.
    I’m not a pear either (luckily – I hate pear shape), therefore I don’t know what kind of shape I am.
    My mum say I’m leaning toward hourglass shape, but I’m not that defined

  17. Kari Ann says:

    I… Oh my god… All this time I’ve been hating on my body and my waist that remains wide despite weight loss. Thank you. I learned today what the name of my body-type was and became very depressed. I know I will never be that hourglass figure with the tiny, tiny waist. Thank you for opening up about yourself and your struggles. Thank you also for telling us about some good exercises for the apple body-type. I’m definitely kicking up my squat-game. One thing I am proud of when it comes to my body is the fact that my body can naturally handle heavier weights than other body types. I am proud of my strong body. Now I can be even more proud. Now I am going to become the best apple-shape I can be. It’s so wonderful to know that I’m not alone in this society of slim waists, big butts, and major curves.

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