All About Nitric Oxide – Video Project

Comp broken. Spilled coffee on it during early morning interview. UGH. Typing painful. Takes forever. Meanwhile, here’s my final Toxicology class project if you are interested.


4 comments on “All About Nitric Oxide – Video Project

  1. the product of primes says:

    A tad hard for me to follow, but it’s adorable 😀

    Also, I saw some documentary (I think it was called Strange But True) saying some dentist found laughing gas in the 1800s, but he screwed up in public demonstrations because he didn’t give enough to the guy and was shunned by the science community. But then his assistant perfected how much to give, wrote papers on it, and stole the credit… not sure if it’s the same nitric oxide.. since i’m sure you would’ve come across that :/

  2. Thank you! Sadly there was also a controversy regarding the nitric oxide Nobel prize 😦 Unfortunately, it happens very often. People really vie for the guts & the glory.

  3. […] this Nitric Oxide video I made for Toxicology I class in Fall term? I made another one for my Toxicology II class! This […]

  4. […] it one morning before a phone interview while stressing out about the call and thinking about the pending doom of a project due that same day. I had gotten a USB keyboard whose life was short lived when it started to fizz […]

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