The Chipotle Burrito Dating Rule

Just my two cents on this issue. I have a Chipotle near me on campus, and I absolutely love it. The chicken burrito is one of my favorites, especially on days where I only get to squeeze in one giant meal.


(image from Wikipedia Chipotle page)

A Christal Classic Chicken Burrito Order? White tortilla, white rice, black beans, grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, hot sauce, topped with tons of smoked Tabasco chipotle sauce.

However whenever I go there, I feel like everyone is judging me while I eat! Most normal people forgo the messy burrito and instead squeeze out the contents into a bowl so it can be consumed with a fork. BLASPHEMY I SAY! But let’s look at the pros of each meal to be fair.

Good stuff about the Burrito Bowl: Less messy, easy to clean up, can easily take to go if can’t finish in one sitting, more food given actually, and tortilla still included!


(image from Chipotle website)

Good stuff about the Original Burrito: Some how it just tastes so much better to me when everything is piled together and squished into a steamy tortilla wrapping!


(image from Chipotle website)

I always joke with my friends that a guy must be able to handle me eating a burrito if they want to continue dating me. Who the hell looks sexy stuffing their face with burrito goodness oozing out at the seams??? I am not saying I am caveman when I eat, but burritos are difficult meals to conquer gracefully.


Now, I just used the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator, and it says that my typical  burrito order is 1000+ calories.

This makes me feel a bit guilty for being a fat kid, but I still stand by my Chipotle Dating Rule. I love Chipotle burritos and any potential love interest of mine has to at least tolerate that.

End rant.

P.S. Happy supposedly end of the world day! 🙂


3 comments on “The Chipotle Burrito Dating Rule

  1. Sliced Science says:

    Haha I fully support your dating rule! I suppose they also do give you more food in the burrito bowl, but it sort of takes the fun out of eating from an actual warm burrito.

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