BzzReview: Covergirl Blastflipstick

Note: The following images contain a horrible case of hat hair. I apologize for my craptastic hair, but I’m freezing without my bonnet.


It’s been a while since I have had the chance to write something for Bzzagent! This time they sent me for free to try Covergirl Blastflipsticks. What intrigued me about this product is that it had 2 colors in one lipstick. Can these colors truly be as blendable, customizable, and compatible in colors as they claim? Does the product’s quality suffer in trying to keep the price competitive while still providing not just 1, but 2 lipsticks! The purpose of this review is to see if there is anything to hype about for the Covergirl Blastflipstick.

Figure 1.  The official Bzzagent campaign image for Covergirl Blastflipstick featuring Sofia Vergara


First let me tell you about my makeup habits and preferences so you have an idea. I used to wear makeup on a daily basis when I had my old pharma job, but honestly I have pretty much assumed the haggard lab wench/crummy student look this term again. I typically don makeup now for only special occasions, but for the daily grind I go for clear Burtsbees chapstick.

2012-12-23 20.14.38

Figure 2. My Bzzagent kit which includes 2 of the 3 samples I received and coupons for $2 off more Blastflipsticks.

Consciously trying to fix my unkempt appearance, I was super excited when I got this product to try. I usually prefer pinks and rosy reds for lip color, so it was nice that they included browns and golds in my free Blastflipsticks.


Figure 3. Control – my face pre-lipstick trials for reference. Only chapstick applied to lips.


I received three types of Blastflipsticks: Stunner, Minx, and Vixen. Each type of Blastflipstick has a shimmery color and a creamy color. Here on the coupon that Bzzagent provided for me shows expected ways to mix and match these lipsticks.

2012-12-23 20.21.24

Figure 4. Bzzagent coupon showing possible ways to wear (from top to bottom) Stunner, Minx, and Vixen.

Note: Because the shimmery color was typically an accent shade as compared to the bold creamy shade, for each look I applied the shimmery color first by itself. Then, I applied a small amount of the creamy color as to not overwhelm or overpower my lips with one shade.

Analysis & Results:


This set of colors contains bright pink and gold. I was most excited to test this out because it was a very unusual combination in my opinion.


Figure 5a. Stunner – only shimmery gold applied


Figure 5b. Stunner – shimmery gold applied mixed with creamy hot pink.

As you can see, the gold applied alone gave my lips kind of a glossy effect without adding too much color, which I thought was nice. The hot pink was surprisingly too pink for my liking on my own skin. As a concept, I like these colors  mixed together because it looks like glittery gold flecks amongst the pink. However, the shimmery glitter is super messy, which I did not like.


The two choice of lipsticks provided in this Blastflipstick was a copper and dark bronze. I was a little skeptical about this one because I’m not too partial to dark brown because it makes me look older and my teeth super yellow, but I figured I should try to be experimental!


Figure 6a. Minx – only shimmery copper applied.


Figure 6b. Minx- shimmery copper applied mixed with creamy bronze

Again, I really liked the copper lipstick by itself. I think I would have liked the bronze if it was a slightly lighter shade. I still stand by that brown is too dark for me, but I was glad I was able to try out some warmer colors. As a concept, this color combination I liked better because the shimmer was greatly contrasted by the dark background bronze.


The combo for this palette is burgundy and pearl pink. I wasn’t able to try out these shades personally because, as BzzAgent recommended, I gave away one of the Blastflipsticks for someone else to try for free.

2012-12-01 18.39.33

Figure 7. Inset is lovely lady Naomi (left) enjoying her birthday dinner with me (right) and Megs (not in pic).

As you can tell, she prefers the burgundy versus the pearl pink. Surprisingly, it gave her a very brighter red shade to her lips than we expected.


  • Neutral: I prefer using the Blastflipsticks for the shades I received as individual colors versus mixing them as they intended.
  • Con: I’m still not convinced that the shades mix well together; I will have to try another combo set
  • Con: I personally would only buy the lipstick if it is on sale or if I have a coupon, cutting the price closer to $6 because there is not a large amount of product.
  • Pro: I think it’s a decent price running for $8.49 for two colors.
  • Pro: It’s convenient because you can carry twice as many colors while taking up less room in your bag.
  • Pro: There is a large variety of colors available for purchase.
  • Pro: I like the creamy texture of the lipsticks and their ability to cover the lips without using too much product.
  • Personal Pro: This campaign has reignited my fondness for caramel/coffee colored lipstick.

DSCN0376 - Copy

Figure 8. Me being silly while wearing Minx lipstick combo *kisu*

Conclusion: Blastflipstick is a good quality lipstick for a decent price. At least worth a try, especially if you are feeling adventurous for new colors!


2 comments on “BzzReview: Covergirl Blastflipstick

  1. Moo Moo says:

    The Minx is a really great color on you!

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