Face Lift: Blog-ically Speaking

Happy New Year all! Welcome to the long awaited 2013!

planner 2013

Figure. My new planner from Barnes & Nobles! It reminds of one of my favorite novels, “The Great Gatsby,” which is being adapted into a film to be released this year.

To commemorate the new year, I went out and bought myself a planner for 2013. I think of myself as a modern person, but I still like using old fashioned pen and paper for calendars and such. I like crossing things off lists far too much.

As the drop off of posts after Christmas may have suggested, I have been busy over break. My mom planning a huge reunion party, and she needed help making a website. Of course I “volunteered as tribute,” and been busy populating that blog day & night since I will definitely not have time once school starts. It seems that many family members are viewing the site daily now that some content are up. Success!

Though, I think this hashtag is appropriate: #that-awkward-moment-when-mom’sblog-is-more-popular-than-your-own

While I am returning to Philly tomorrow, I wanted a new look for “Looking Through the Test Tube Glass”! Here’s the updates on the site’s format.

  1. New custom header
    After 2 years of blogging here, I finally feel like I had written enough posts and posted enough photos to make my own customized header.  If you want to know more about the images in that header, look under “About Blog” for the description.
  2. New theme
    I’m using theme “Quintus” now. I really miss “Notepad” and the cute smiley test tubes in the background, but I wanted a fresh and clean look for the start of 2013. I’m still trying to get used to the wide columns and large text size. I wish I could advertise “please view me at 90% zoom for best results,” haha. Still contemplating of updating the background color since white is a bit too bare for me.
  3. Updated “About Me Page”
    I wanted to return to the old lab report format and created collage figures to illustrate the main points.
  4. New Page: About Blog
    I added a page to talk about inspiration for my blog. I’m hitting a very pivotal point in my life (aka graduation) so I’m starting to look at everything with an endearing, reflective manner.
  5. New Page: On the Back (Busen) Burner
    Of course a play off the phrase “on the back burner” this is a list of topics that I will eventually write about when I have time to get to it. It’s more of a way for me to keep organize and have the list accessible no matter what computer I am on.

Alright,  that’s all for now! Hope to be writing again very soon 🙂


One comment on “Face Lift: Blog-ically Speaking

  1. I love your new layout. 😀 I’ve been meaning to make a new header on mine for a while, but haven’t found the time. 😦 I’m going to try learning more CSS so I can tweak everything a bit more. >.<;

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