Paperman – Disney Animated Short

UPDATE: This animation has been posted officially by Disney :)! Enjoy!

“Paperman” is essentially a cute little love story of a man, his serendipitous encounter with a woman on the train, and the efforts to reunite them together again despite not knowing anything about each other. To be trite, the short is beautifully animated, though only black and white, and combined with the emotionally moving music “Paperman” is easily one of my favorite animated shorts ever.

It’s no wonder that its nominated for a 2013 Oscar. Thank you for yet again restoring my faith in your movies, Disney.


Figure: Screenshot from Disney’s short animation “Paperman” taken from

I wish I talked about this animated short earlier when I saw “Wreck It Ralph” in theaters last month, but I couldn’t blog about it until I was able to find a somewhat suitable recording of it! Btw, I don’t condone bootlegging movies in anyway, but this is such a great and unhyped piece, and I couldn’t help sharing this YouTube video. Sorry the full recording of this short animated film was taken off of YouTube, but here is a featurette about “Paperman.” Enjoy!


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