Finding New Music in the Age of the Internet

As you have probably guessed by my last two posts, I have been swamped with school work so badly that I have had to use whimsical .gifs as blog posts. During that time, I have been on the hunt for new music since my own playlist has gotten old after hours upon hours of listening to it while I work.

While still a viable method, its more uncommon for hunting for new jams to be done while hanging out at the music store, a waiting for new releases or listening to the radio as your source of new music feed. Here’s some new methods if you haven’t heard yet.

1) Pandora Radio

Being in existence for over a decade, this method is far from new. However, you would be surprised how many people do not know about Pandora. It creates music radio stations based on your music preferences. This is done by the ability of the user to “like” or “dislike” songs. The site takes into account musical attributes of positively received songs, and uses this information to find music with similar components that you would most likely like based on this feedback. The opposite is done for songs that are “disliked.” You can also input your own similar artists or songs into Pandora to fuel the attributes that they should be looking for you.

Pandora holds the patent on the “Music Genome Project” (obviously a title spun off the Human Genome Project, hee-hee). Each song is characterized by 400 “genes” or characteristic of music. Some examples include background vocals, lead guitar, ect. Using this great amount of information, Pandora can attempt to recommend music cater to the user’s taste.


Read more about it here on Wiki:

2) 8 Tracks

A slightly newer method and founded in 2008, 8tracks brings back the magic and cuteness of mixed tapes. Users can create their own playlists and share them publicly. More importantly, their exploration gimmick is that you can search for playlists based on your mood or type of music you like. For example, if I woke up one morning and wanted happy music, I would click those items, and 8tracks would show me hits that match those moods. Similarly  if I was studying and for some awful reason I thought it was a good idea to listen to dubstep, 8tracks would also find me playlists with those elements.


Read more about it here on Wiki:

I really like Pandora and 8 tracks because I can put something on in the background without the same canned songs on the radio or my ipod and open myself to new music I didn’t know was available, without sacrificing my productivity and concentration on work.


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