Reshaping Your Eyebrows

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m catching up on some blog posts I have been meaning to write for a while now. I’m also catching up on regaining a normal physical appearance. I have been rather neglectful of my face, hair, and weight ever since midterms hit about 6 weeks ago. Rather than dwelling and being unhappy, I have decided to take the time to tackle the issue!

First thing that had to go were my unkempt eyebrows. Believe it or not, I had bushier eyebrows before high school. Then, I went to the salon to wax them when I was about 13 (wayyy too young). It’s amazing what a nice shape can do to open up your face! Sadly, I think I either overwaxed or overtweezed my brows, so they never regain their full length and fullness.

Still, I’m happy with how I was able to shape them yesterday. They are far from perfect (and since forever one of my eyebrows has been slightly more raised than the other), but I’m hoping that if I practice this new technique my eyebrows will look nicer in the future.

I used the following tools of the trade to reshape:

  • eyebrow brush
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • eyebrow pencil to help me mark my arch
  • mini-shaving tool
  • compact mirror
  • a plastic card to provide a guide

2013-03-22 18.41.57

Figure 1. Before I reshaped my eyebrows. Excuse my puffy and red face. I lacked sleep and beauty maintenance for weeks! 

2013-03-23 22.00.42

Figure 2. After I reshaped my eyebrows with some YouTube help. Still puffy and red faced, but with tamed eyebrows.

Here are the videos that helped me most on my eyebrow reshaping tasking.

Video 1. Great for helping you decide how you want to plan out your eyebrow shape based on your face shape and size.

Video 2. I am in love with her eyebrows. Nothing else to be said.

Hopefully next time you see my face I will have gotten a real haircut and color and not look like a cave woman haha. Let me know if you have any thoughts or tips on eyebrow maintenance!


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