Shoes of Function: New Kicks & Rain Boots

First, I would like to morn the death of my most favorite knee-high boots to have ever graced my feet. Unfortunately, I had worn out the soles of my darling boots at the end of 2012. It will take another excellent and cute pair of boots to fill the place of these and fit over my ridiculous calves. Instead, I bought TWO pairs of shoes to fill the void temporarily (which I will talk about in a bit).

RIP Boots

Figure 1. R.I.P. 12/2012 – I’ll miss you knee-high boots ❤

Now, I think it can be pretty much said that I am a casual person overall with respect to what I wear. I occasionally have the urge to attempt to dress up, however most of the time I tend to be rushing around so much and not as caring of my appearance. I like to assume I appear presentable looking most of the time, at least :P. My main concern is that what I wear is 1) comfortable, 2) functions well, 3) durable. Here are my recent two purchases that after a few months I have been using have proofed to be valuable investments.

1) Converse High-Tops 

I absolutely adore sneakers. They are my favorite types of shoes by far just because of the high levels of comfort and function. Plus, they can come in a ton of different colors and even patterns. I got my first pair of Converse sneakers back in 2010, but I wore the soles until they had holes everywhere within 2 years. I started 2013 quite literally on the right foot with this purchase!

Actually my parents were kind enough to give these as a late Christmas present, and I absolutely love them! Old school Batman with the Bat symbol across the laces! It’s kind of been a dream of mine, though slightly childish, to have comic book or video game inspired kicks, so I am absolutely thankful for these. Also, it was kind of awkward to wear my gym sneakers everywhere when my knee high boots died 😦 Skinny jeans + gym sneakers = strange combo on someone as short as me.


2012-12-26 18.42.35


Figure 2.1. My old, neon patterned, low cut, Chuck-Taylors. (Image source)
Figure 2.2.  My new, high cut, Batman infused Converses!
Figure 2.3. almost bought this pair of Joker sneakers instead, but decided not to. Cool pattern though. (Image source)

2) Sperry Top-Sider “Pelican Too” Rain Boots

I have had a bad past with previous rain boots before. The first pair I bought was from Century 21, and while the graffiti pattern was super cool, the boots were not the most comfortable. They cut into my skin even after I finally broke them in and, the inflexibility of the boot’s material lead them to tear very easily. As a result, they did NOT protect me from the rain at all. Fail, old rain boots!

Despite my less than savory experience, I still decided to buy a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boots from TJMaxx for $30 (a mere $10 more than my old pair) while visiting my sister in Virginia. I can definitely feel the difference in quality as in comparison to the previous pair of rain boots. The Sperry boots have cushioned on the inside sole, with a sturdy, thick outside sole, and lined with a soft and warm fleece on the inside throughout the entirety of the boot. No crazy-fun pattern was available for this boot, but I love the pop of color! The only thing I cannot figure out at the moment is how to secure the strap on the side, but that is probably me being dumb.



Figure 3.1. My old, graffiti rain boots (cannot remember brand name; image source)
Figure 3.2. My shiny new Sperry boots (I forgot to photograph them before I left Philly but this is the same exact pair; image source)

These are my new shoe favorites! Do you have any shoe staples that you cannot live without?


One comment on “Shoes of Function: New Kicks & Rain Boots

  1. Moo Moo says:

    Love your new kicks!

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