How to Make A Research Poster

As I mentioned earlier, my abstract got approved for my school’s Research Day! I attended last week and had my poster scrutinized by 2 judges. I didn’t win anything cool, and to be honest my poster was probs a lot weaker than others, but I’m really glad I got to participate.


For one, the experience was really good because I have never done anything academic research related before, and it was great to present it to a university-wide event. Secondly, I got a lot of good criticism on how the the poster presentation and future experiments better, like how the data could have been displayed to emphasize that the significance of the results as compared to what is known already. Thirdly, I got to go and check out other research posters by students in different departments, as well as pop in and show some support for friends and fellow lab mates 🙂

Here’s me being a dork in front of my poster. Sadly, I didn’t feel too good that day, but made it through for a couple hours.

2013-04-18 11.41.51

Figure. Me looking derpy in front of my research poster at my university’s Research Day. I was right front and center of the presentations wearing a bunny printed shirt for good luck. haha.

So what exactly is on a research poster? Well this is what I put on mine:

  • Title
  • Authors & Coauthors (aka students, advisors/ profs)
  • Logo of affiliates/departments involved
  • Introduction or Abstract
  • Background Research
  • Purpose/Aim
  • Experimental Setup
  • Procedures
  • Results (really wished I could have thrown photos on here, too)
  • Conclusions
  • Future Experiments
  • References

I got my poster printed for free by the Biomed Dept., and they provided us with this cool video on constructing your own poster via PowerPoint. You can then convert the final product into a PDF so no matter if a Mac or PC or whatever else opens your doc, it won’t mess with the formatting.

Good luck 🙂


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