“When I watch my sports team play, they ALWAYS LOSE” Theory

FINALLY. The New York Knicks have finally defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the first round of NBA play offs. First time in 13 years that our darling Knicks have gone on to the second round. I have no idea how far they will go this year in the play offs, but I’m glad they were able to pull it through for at least this round. I was soooo convinced they would sweep the Celts in 4 games because the Knicks won Games 1-3 with relative ease (minus JR Smith being ejected).

Now, I have a stupid theory. I’m the worst sports fan in the world. I HATE watching my own team play. I will look at highlights or coverage of the game online, but not the actual game. While in school I did this because I didn’t have cable, but the real reason I avoid watching the Knicks play is because I think I’m bad luck for them. When I watch, they perform horribly. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Then, while sitting and waiting in the car dealership on Sunday, lo and behold, what was on the tv in the lobby? Game 4 of the Celts-Knicks game. I tried to ignore it while going through the specs for my potential new car, but my sister and I couldn’t help but gaze upon the tv. What I thought to be an easy victory for the Knicks ended into defeat.

So, I’ll go back to avoiding the tv when the Knicks are playing again for the rest of the play offs, thank you very much.


Figure. From ESPN Facebook. GOOOOO KNICKS!


One comment on ““When I watch my sports team play, they ALWAYS LOSE” Theory

  1. mark baker says:

    Same, Detroit red wings won the last 5 games ( missed evey one) now theyre losing to Florida… Really? I’ll watch and route against the Knicks ( they’ll win that way) if you watch and route against red wings

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