What causes one’s stomach to grumble?

So I’ve started doing a 12 hour shift at work for the past two days, so I was kind lazy this morning when I had to go to an 8 hour training  today. I basically ran out of the house with no breakfast and nothing but coffee in my stomach. Unfortunately for me, my stomach decided to be super obnoxious about it (maybe because I’ve been good about not skipping meals?) and growled SOOOO loud during the first 2-3 hours of the class. To make the situation worse, it was a tiny class with only a few people an the instructor, so it was pretty apparent where the awful noises were coming from.


Figure. Rumbly in your tumbly, Pooh? I know that feel, bro.

One hour before noon, it finally stopped embarrassing me long enough to make it to the lunch break, where I consumed a buffalo chicken wrap heartily.

So what makes a stomach suddenly grumble or not grumble? Obviously, it is known to be a sign of hunger, but what is the the physiological reasoning?

According to the Mayo Clinic, hunger triggers the stomach’s nervous system to throw a shout out to the hypothalamus in the brain, which feedbacks a signal to back to the stomach and intestine muscles to contract and release digestive fluids (like the ever acidic pH of 2 stomach acid) in preparation for incoming food! This response by the stomach and intestines causes those unsavory noises to emerge from my your tummy.

So next time you have an ever awkward situation like me, beg your brain and NOT just your stomach for the noises to cease.




One comment on “What causes one’s stomach to grumble?

  1. […] Now it’s the complete opposite! I need to eat at certain times and constantly snack to keep my tummy quiet. […]

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