DIY Jewelry Stand

Remember this groovy nightstand I reworked? Well, I had some leftover supplies, so I  made a custom jewelry stand. I really wanted something that was brightly colored, but simple and able to hold my bracelets and larger rings that don’t fit in my jewelry box. Here’s how it turned out!

2013-06-13 19.51.23

Figure 1. Tadaaaa! My bracelet/ring jewelry stand!

So what did I need to gather and do to make the following? It was really simple and cheap actually!

  • Hot dog holder (Target, $1.49)
  • Glass candlestand holder (Dollar Tree, $1)
  • Small plate (Dollar Tree, $1)
  • Primer paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes

Aaaand to bind it all together I used E600 industrial glue, which I got at Walmart for about $3. This stuff is heavy duty!


Figure 2. E600 visual. Image from Amazon.

What was surprisingly hardest for me to find was a plain wooden dowel thick enough and correct in length to hold my bracelets. I ended up not finding a wooden stick, but decided to use a hot dog holder I randomly found at Target. Not only can it stably attach to the candlestand, it has a cool edge design and has space for me to put tinier bracelets inside!

This DIY was inspired by the following YouTube video. Enjoy!


One comment on “DIY Jewelry Stand

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