JewelMint & the Disney Inspired Statement Necklace

Even though I love chunky and bright pieces for the types of clothes, jewelry, home decor, and anything I can get away with, I actually don’t like bib styled statement necklaces.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of statement items, different types,  and some guidelines on how to wear them, here is a pretty good page on that:


Figure 1. Some pretty examples of bib statement necklaces from Forever21, that I don’t particularly fancy for myself.

However, reach back to my Disney roots, I have always loved the way that Pocahontas and Jasmine from Aladdin have rocked their statement necklaces. If only I could find one that had the same vibe without looking like it was strangling me. Not all of us have lovely swan-like, slender necks.


Figure 2. My inspiration to find a bib statement necklace. Yea, I got problems.

Then, I logged onto JewelMint ,that super cool website my sister introduced me to with high quality and unique pieces of jewelry. As if reading my mind they added this beautiful piece on my “Recommended Pieces for You” page.


Figure 3. Everyone meet the lovely Chocolate Link Necklace. *swoon*

For $30, this piece was elegant, simple, and yet did not sacrifice the bold feeling of a statement necklace. The “links” provide some skin to peek through instead of being a solid piece of metal, making this necklace look less chunky and overwhelming on a short person like myself. I have been waiting for this beautiful Chocolate Link Necklace to go on sale for months, but I know JM doesn’t really do sales that often. I couldn’t justify  buying it at full price (especially since I really can’t wear jewelry at work).

Then, JewelMint had a wonderful 4th of July sale, and guess who got this pretty little thing for only $10, saving 20 bucks :)?

2013-07-12 17.36.28

Figure 4. Answer: THIS GURL. YAAAA!!!!

Mini review of this necklace: It is absolutely just as lovely in person as it looks on the website. It has a good weight so it does not feel cheap. I was a little worried about the “chocolate gold” color, but it’s really a very rich color. As for the length, it is the perfect size on me when it’s at it’s smallest setting. It hits my collarbones and doesn’t dip too low into my cleavage (a common problem I have with necklaces). My sister also pointed out it looks modern because of it’s geometric shapes!

2013-07-12 21.18.15

Figure 5. Close-up on the Chocolate Link Necklace so you can appreciate the color and piece alone!

2013-07-12 18.55.01

Figure 6. The JM description of this piece (just in case you want some dimensions or more convincing to buy it!). I concur 100%. Maybe I’ll get that matching bracelet next sale…

I am the happiest camper ever right now.

So just FYI, even though I loooooove JewelMint, this necklace is only the 3rd item I have bought from them (minus a disappointing “Mystery Gift Bag”) since signing up back in 2012. $30 is a bit much for me to spend more often on one thing periodically. Also I unfortunately lost my first purchase while attending a baseketball after work 😦 It was a beautiful a mother of pearl looking scarab bracelet, and was so devastated I did not order again from JM for the longest time.


Figure 7a. The Soliel bracelet from JM.


Figure 7b. My 1st JM purchase. RIP my darling scarab bracelet </3

I did buy this pretty Mon Amour bracelet last fall for less than $10 with free shipping!


Figure 8a. Here is the Mon Amour bracelet from the JM website. Very striking, while keeping  a simple design.

2013-07-14 10.42.30

Figure 8b. My 2nd JM purchase! I have a tiny wrist so I secure the clasp with a small golden safety pin. Not losing another JM piece by mistake, again!

While JM usually has free shipping on all items, during their bigger sales they have a 2 item order minimum  to qualify for that free shipping. So, I made my first StyleMint purchase along with the Chocolate Link Necklace from JM! For only $5 (same cost of shipping and handling if I only bought my necklace), I got this Carnaby shirt in red.


Figure 9a. SM Carnaby shirt from the website.

While the teeshirt looks lovely on the model, I am much shorter and chunkier, so I was worried about the fit. I got the largest size, a size 4, despite the fact that it maybe too long on me.

2013-07-13 23.29.50

Figure 9b. Me modelinggggg my new tee. It almost looks like a nightshirt here with shorts, but it’s really nice! Promise!

I was pleasantly surprised how lightweight and flowy this shirt is! It’s super comfy, and actually not too long at all. I think I will probably pair this with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. It’s just a smidge too loose on me, but after one trip through the dryer, I think it will be perfect.

Okay enough splurging. I’ve been spending all dat money. Makin’ it raaaaiinnn… down the drain. Haha.



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