Reached 100K Hits!

Just a quick post to say I’m happy to say that “Looking Through The Test Tube Glass” has achieved over 100,000 hits, earning 128 wonderful followers in it’s time running!


Figure 1. Celebration time!

Also, with the recent surge of followers, I just wanted to say hello & welcome! And to my old followers, thanks for sticking around!

Thanks to this blog and those who read it, I have an outlet. I have a space to reflect on different jobs I have had. I have a place to display things that I have made proudly. I have motivation to ask questions and share what things I learn. I get to gain insight from comments and other bloggers.

It’s really rewarding having an audience because even in the smallest way, I feel like I can impact someone by what I write. And when you write with that perspective, it really helps you grow a lot as a person.

So thanks for lending me your ears (more like eyes & brains, but then I can’t use the following pic :P)!


Figure 2. Robin Hood Men in Tights – one of my favorite comedies ever. Bless you Tumblr for having this gif.

It’s 2.5 years and still blogging on, ever strong!


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