Breaking Bad Cupcakes

A quick baking project in honor of the premiere of the final 7 episodes of Breaking Bad on AMC! I just thought of doing this last minute, but it only took me about 30 minutes to make. I really wanted to make cupcakes with shards of blue on it, resembling the infamous Blue Sky crystal meth that Walt and Jessie cook in the show.


Figure. Image source of awesome poster:


The the things I used: Red Velvet cake mix, some cake liners, a normal pan with foil, a cake pan, some blue Jolly Ranchers, and cream cheese frosting.

2013-08-11 20.16.26

Figure. My lab equipment for the night.

2013-08-11 20.26.19

Figure. I cannot believe this is all the blue I found in this family pack of Jolly Ranchers.

After separating all the blueberry blue ones, I smashed up those candies and placed them on that foil covered baking pan. They were in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 5 minutes since I didn’t have much to work with.

2013-08-11 20.44.05

Figure.Science at work: the phase change from solid to liquid. Not as complicated as drug making, but at least it’s pretty

The easy part! Mix and bake some lovely red cupcakes. Box, eggs, oil, and water is all you need.

2013-08-11 21.07.09

Figure. Godbless cake mix.

2013-08-11 22.53.10

Figure. YUM. Pre-decor. 

Why red cupcakes? Let me answer with a Breaking Bad’s premiere episode tonight: “BLOOD MONEY.”

2013-08-11 22.53.33

Figure. My final “product” haha, get it?

I’m not entirely sure how I will eat these, but I will say this quote is appropriate: “TREAD LIGHTLY.”

Hope you guys enjoyed my little creation. And even more importantly, hopefully you are all up to date on Breaking Bad! I am so excited to see what is in store for the season finale.


P.S. Here is a cool name generator from the show:


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