Final Fantasy X Inspired Home Decor

This simple DIY project was inspired by Final Fantasy X’s Yuna Braska and her cool looking staff.


Figure. Yuna’s default staff in FFX.

When I posted the project on Facebook, I mentioned that I wanted something FF inspired without being too obvious for the entrance of my apartment (don’t want to scare away visitors too quickly).

2013-07-15 22.01.08

Figure. Key before paint job.

I found this cool, but plain key piece at my local Michael’s craft store on sale for about $10 (marked down from $35). Originally, I wanted to paint it like a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. However, the top piece of the key reminded me of the sigils and temple symbols from Final Fantasy X.

I used acrylic paints, both basic and metallic colors, to mimic the design and color scheme of Yuna’s staff. I think it was quite successful and was finished in just one night. It was sealed with my new favorite craft savior: mod podge.

2013-07-29 14.22.12

Figure. Key after paint job!

I unintentionally have a slight travel theme going on in my living room (ironic because I haven’t traveled to many places compared to other people I know).  So, I was thinking of completing this entrance wall with a quote from “The Hobbit” along side this beautiful Middle Earth map poster that Naomi got for me. I’ll update later if I ever get around to doing that.

I hope you have enjoyed this and hope it provides some inspiration for more subtle video game home decors out there 🙂


4 comments on “Final Fantasy X Inspired Home Decor

  1. A: This soon becomes obvious when you play the game, but the themes in the game are ones that fully apply to modern society as well, so the game can’t be called strict fantasy. I assume you are referring to the game visuals, which are much more fantasy-oriented than other recent Final Fantasy games. As this is the last single-digit Final Fantasy, we wanted to give the feeling of a series watershed, a sort of grand collection of what has come before. Also, since the black mage known as Vivi is a key character in Final Fantasy IX, part of the world design was centered on him. These two things had a great influence on Final Fantasy IX’s world design. To put it another way, if we kept showing the same futuristic images in Final Fantasy VII, and VIII, and the Final Fantasy Movie, I think people would get tired of seeing the same old thing again and again…at least that’s something I was a little concerned about.

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