The KEY to a dressed up Ikea dresser…

Remember this lovely transformation?

2013-07-17 22.56.53

Figure. Malm dresser 2.0 – The fabric Mod Podge project.

Well, I wasn’t satisfied! The color scheme and fabric print seemed too young and childish for someone my age, as much as I enjoyed decorating it. I wanted something a little more toned down to still be a showcase piece without clashing with my nightstand I loved DIY-ing together.


So what did I do?

  1. Repainted: I threw on the complimentary color of my blue nightstand, a nice Harvest Pumpkin Orange using acrylic paint.
  2. Lines: I used 3M Painter’s Tape to create bold, black lines to outline and add a a little decor accent to the plain face of the drawers. I was pleasantly surprised how well the tape kept the paint from leaking under, which yielded very crisp lines.

    Figure. Can you believe all you need is tape to make these beautiful lines? A great technique/artist tip from 2D art class from high school!

  3. Mod Podge: While Mod Podge plays a less critical role in this project, it was still my choice of sealer since I had it on hand at home.
  4. Feature Pieces: KEYS! I found this beautiful over-sized and ornate keys at Michaels’s craft store for $1.50 a piece. Of course the key designs that I liked the most and seemed to be able to lie flat the best were originally colored white. Luckily, I had some Liquitex acrylic black paint that easily covered these metal keys in about 3 coats.


    Figure. I think that these antique looking keys have the potential to spice up a very clean and modern looking piece of furniture!

  5. GLUE! My trusty E600 industrial glue did the trick to hold up these heavy keys onto the drawers faces. The trick is to apply glue onto the key, wait 2 minutes to dry a little, and then hold down onto the surface of the drawer. Allow to dry over night.

The results?


And up close!


TADAAAAAA! Just goes to show that you can make Ikea furniture appear a little more grown up or at the very least a little more trendy with a bit of creativity.

While I think my color scheme was largely influenced by the fall and oncoming of Halloween, I think subconsciously my old video game loving self keeps creeping into my designs for DIY (sorta like my Yuna inspired key!). This dresser feels inspired by May from Guilty Gear, what do you think?


Figure. Adorable and deadly! Would love to cosplay as her one day.

Ikea Hackers:

Special thanks to Ikea Hackers for featuring my project again on their website!

If you want to learn more about Ikea Hackers, you can read my blog post about it here:


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