DIY: Braided Rag Rug

Hello, and here is another DIY for the home! I wanted my kitchen to have some pop of color, so I decided to make a very bold rug. It is simply made of braided scrap fabric I had laying around.

Reference: I used this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop that I found on Pinterest as a guide:


  • Bedsheets/spare fabric
  • Placemat
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Non-slip shelf liner OR rug grip pad

Note: some of these materials may sound familiar from my last rug DIY.


1. First, I ripped up a bunch of spare bedsheets and fabric I had lying around the house. Then, I started braiding using a clipboard to help me keep the tightness between the strands even.


Figure 1. Blue, mint, and white seemed to fit my kitchen’s motif! 

2. Repeat the braiding until you have  a super long strand you are happy with!


Figure 2. I think my braid ended up being over 5 feet when I was done haha.

3. Now to start the mat creation process! I measured about 6 inches in the center of the placemat so I would know where to start my braidrug.


4. And so begins the winding of the braid! I suggest to make sure you have enough fabric to make your rug as big as you want before hot gluing it to the placemat. Alternatively, you could sew the braid onto a fabric placemat instead, which would enable you to throw it into the washer when it gets dirty. I wanted a quick rug DIY and figured by the time this one gets gross I will want a new rug to DIY 🙂


5. When attached, flip over and glue some of that non-slip shelf liner or rug grip so you don’t slip and fall when you step onto your almost ready rug! Again, I was able to get an entire roll at my local Dollar Tree.


6. Tadaaaaaaa!


And an action shot!

2013-11-03 21.24.02

Hope you enjoyed this simple, easy, upcycle DIY!


3 comments on “DIY: Braided Rag Rug

  1. To prevent slipping and sliding all over your kitchen, you may want to put some type of non-skid rug pad underneath.To make a mat for your bathroom you could do the same but back it with a towel.

  2. wow great diy!! i’ve never thought about making a rug but it looks great! and there are soooo many more cool fabric options compared to rugs!

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